SteelSeries Limited Edition Black Desert Mouse: Elevating Your Gaming Experience in the Morning Country

2023-08-28 05:00:53

The world’s first gaming gear brand, SteelSeries (CEO: Etisham Ravani), together with game developer Pearl Abyss, has released a limited edition of the Black Desert Mouse optimized for Black Desert. The product is a popular MMORPG game ‘Black Desert’ and premium gaming As a collaboration product of the gear brand ‘Steel Series’, it was exclusively sold in the Steel Series official store. Black Desert is a popular online game with more than 50 million users in 150 countries around the world, and is raising its status as a K-game worldwide. ‘Morning Country’, which recently opened in Joseon, provides gamers with new experiences and pleasures by naturally reflecting the natural environment, architecture, hanbok, and folk games of the Korean Peninsula. The Limited Edition of the Steel Series’ Black Death Mouse was designed with the motif of the morning country of the Black Desert. The limited edition components include the Steel Series ▲Aerox 5 wireless gaming mouse, ▲Black Desert oriental painting mini folding screen goods, and ▲Black Desert in-game coupons, which are expected to stimulate the desire of gamers. The Steel Series Airox 5 wireless gaming mouse, the black four mouse this time, is a product that is very suitable for the MMORPG genre. The SteelSeries Airox 5 wireless gaming mouse weighs only 74g, which is up to 40% lighter than other mice through state-of-the-art engineering. The Steel Series Airox 5 wireless gaming mouse, a black mouse, eliminates unwanted tracking when using the mouse through the True Monve Air gaming sensor, and is made of 100% PTFE for smooth and fast movement. In addition, it has IP54-rated waterproof and dustproof function, so it has strong durability against sweat, dust, foreign substances, and shock even though it is a perforated mouse. In addition, it can add a sense of immersion to the game in terms of design. Customizable RGB lighting and brilliant prism synchronized lighting provide three zones of 16.8 million beautiful colors to further maximize the immersive experience of the game. Celebrating its 22nd anniversary this year, Steelseries is the world’s first gaming gear brand, continuously collaborating with global games, and continuously investing in and supporting e-sports development and talent development. Steelseries sponsors global game teams such as Atlanta Phase, Red Bull OG, Mercedes-AMG Petronas eSports Team, Space Station, and Rare Atom. In Korea, it sponsors T1 and Nongshim Red Force. In addition, Steelseries entered into a partnership with Nongshim Red Force Pro Gaming Team for two consecutive years in 2023 following 22, and is a brand that continues to make efforts to revitalize the e-sports industry and foster talent through close collaboration. “We have released the limited edition of the Steel Series Black Desert Mouse to provide Black Desert gamers with a more immersive and special adventure.” I will try my best to be satisfied.”

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