“Stop telling me bullshit”: Florent Pagny destroys Vianney

This Saturday, February 12, it was the start of the famous singing competition The Voice. Indeed, here we go again for our four members of the jury to buzzer blindly on their red armchairs. This year, you can find the following personalities: Florent Pagny, Vianney, Marc Lavoine and the only daughter Amel Bent. The least we can say is that the show started on a high. Indeed, a clash has already broken out on the set of The Voice. We’ll tell you what happened!

The Voice : the season is off to a strong start!

From the start of the show The Voice, a dispute arose between two members of the jury about a candidate. This is Jean-Palau, a 39-year-old farmer from the Pyrénées-Orientales. A very surprising conversion for the man who gave his all to offer us his version of the title Rise like a phœnix by Conchita Wurst. His passage generated some waves between two coaches… His passage did not convince enough for the stars to press their buzzer. Indeed, no red chair turned over, much to the participant’s despair.

So, Florent Pagny immediately apologized to the candidate, explaining that he had still appreciated his interpretation: “The level is all up there, everyone sings super beautiful. Sorry… ” As you know, Florent Pagny recently announced on the Web that he had a lung cancer. He can’t have surgery, so he goes through a chemotherapy process. The program of The Voice had been filmed and recorded before he knew he was sick. So, we take this opportunity to wish him good luck in his fight and we wish him to come back in great shape for the next season!

It balances cash!

“We didn’t turn around when you have your place too because you sang really well. We can only apologize, it’s c*n, but that’s the way it is », justified Florent Pagny with a touch of disappointment. His words surprised the young father of the program, Vianney, who did not hesitate to react. He throws a remark at him which did not please the singer of Know how to love and who didn’t give up.

“But you know, if we want to go there we have to go in fact”, launches Vianney to his teammate. But, at 60 years old and several emissions of The Voice to his credit, Florent Pagny did not hesitate to answer him cash: “No, I have 50 guys to listen to! But stop bullshitting me! That means I’m going to say to 48 people: It’s great, you sing really well, but I can’t support it”, replied Florent Pagny. Indeed, you should not look for the oldest coach of the show The Voice.

Florent Pagny: We can’t always agree!

Vianney explained why he didn’t buzz for the contestant. Apparently, the farmer did not give him a thrill. “Precisely if I didn’t go there, it’s because I have things that took my emotion out of me”justifies the singer of Father in law. As for the candidate, Jean-Palau, he was very moved. Indeed, it should not be easy to launch such a challenge. He finds himself on the stage in front of the cameras and far from the nature which must be part of his daily life.

In any case, the farmer will be surprised by the rest of the adventure. Nolwenn Leroy joined the team of The Voice with a particular mission. It has the possibility of rescuing the talents who had the disappointment of not being chosen by one of the four members of the jury. Well, the singer has decided to buzz to get this candidate back, but he doesn’t know it yet. Case to follow next Saturday on your screens.

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