Stretching to relieve lower back pain and muscle strengthening to prevent it

2023-09-24 23:00:00

Stretching has a short-term pain-relieving (or hypoalgesic) effect. In fact, stretching causes an immediate reduction in sensitivity to pain. Thus, the effect of stretching is not curative, in that it does not treat the cause of the pain, but simply limits the feeling of it.

A Canadian study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Pain concludes that stretching the lower back induces a local and systemic reduction in pain.

Performing stretches daily allows you to reproduce this hypoalgesic effect every day.
without, however, resolving the underlying problem.

In this scenario, the pain is very likely to reappear as soon as the stretching routine
is interrupted.

On the contrary, strengthening the trunk (abdominal and back muscles) has a lasting effect
on the long term.

In this regard, a 2021 study establishes that three weekly sessions of Pilate or exercises at home, carried out for 8 weeks, presented effects in terms of reducing pain, strengthening mobility and improving quality of life.

Some stretches recommended by the French Chiropractic Association
When performing these exercises, pay attention to your sensations. You should not feel any
increased pain when you perform the exercises.

In the event of a proven pathology, ask your chiropractor for advice before practicing these exercises, particularly in the event of a history of disc damage.

Bending lumbar stretching exercise
Start this exercise on all fours with your knees hip-width apart and your hands
in line with the shoulders. Maintain alignment of your spine and neck.

Gently lower your buttocks towards your heels until you are sitting on them. Once in the position, try moving your hands forward while holding your buttocks to your heels to maximize the stretch. Hold the position for 15 seconds then repeat 8 times

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Twisting Lumbar Stretching Exercise
Lying on the floor, place a small cushion or book under your head. Place your arms crosswise and bend your knees. Keep close together, feet flat on the floor. Gently rotate your knees until they rest on the floor, keeping your shoulder blades glued to the floor. Hold the position for a deep breath. Return to the initial position and repeat on the other side. Repeat the exercise 8 times, 4 on each side.

Lumbar Extension Stretching Exercise
Lying on your stomach, rest on your forearms with your elbows on each side of your body. Look toward the floor so that your spine is aligned to the top of your neck. Maintaining neck alignment, arch your back, leaning on your hands until you feel a slight stretch in your stomach. Hold the position for 5 to 10 seconds, making sure to breathe regularly. Return to starting position and repeat 8 times.

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