Surge of HIV Cases in Uttar Pradesh Hospital: Investigating the Alarming Infection Rate Among Pregnant Women

2023-08-05 14:40:08

A hospital in Uttar Pradesh, India found that more than 60 pregnant women were found to be infected with HIV within 16 months. (Schematic diagram / flipped from pexels)

In a hospital in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India, it was found that more than 60 pregnant women were found to be HIV-positive within 16 months. The local health department set up a special team to investigate the matter closely and wanted to know why these pregnant women were infected. The condition of group infection with HIV.

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, a hospital in the Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh was found to have more than 60 pregnant women infected with HIV (HIV positive) between 2022 and 2023, and some pregnant women even gave birth to newborns. Children will also be screened for HIV at 18 months of age.

The local chief medical officer also accepted an interview with the local media, saying that more than 60 women in the hospital have been confirmed to be HIV-infected, even pregnant women and newborns are HIV-positive, but they are currently healthy. They also set up an investigation team to investigate why pregnant women in this hospital were infected with HIV.

HIV may be transmitted through blood, body fluids, sharing needles is also a possible transmission route. (Schematic diagram / flip from pixabay)

In fact, in a village in northern India in the past, at least 21 people were found to be infected with HIV and tested positive for HIV. The culprit behind all this was a fake doctor who reused contaminated needles and needles. Now The hospital found that a large number of pregnant women were infected and will also investigate whether there is a problem of reusing medical equipment.

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