“Susana Bicho said she pooped a lot, and it’s a lie”

Dulceida was one of the guests of the second program of Martinez and Brothers in Four. The influencer sat on the red sofa next to the actor Gorka Otxoa and the national basketball coach, Sergio Scariolo. Of course, Dani Martínez did not miss the opportunity to discover the most unique and fun anecdotes.

Once again, Dulceida did not disappoint and showed off her good humor and self-confidence in front of the cameras. Well it is true that The Catalan is used to telling little secrets about her private life on social networks or on your podcast Destination: The Starsin which he shares the microphone with his partner, Alba Paul.

The presenter takes advantage of the intimate and casual atmosphere created in his little room to bring out the best stories for his guests, details of their lives that they themselves are surprised to confess. On this occasion, Martínez did not miss the opportunity to learn more about “the most influential top of our country”.

Dulceida and the WhatsApp poop

Dani Martínez wanted to know more about his guests, and started his popular game ‘Breaking the Ice’ by asking about their strangest pleasures. First question and first yes from Dulceida, who explained that she always does two things simultaneously to sleep: “To sleep, relax or enjoy and have pleasure, I suck my finger and touch my ears.. “I like that moment more than making love, having my hair touched or getting a massage.”

Dulceda did not disappoint in her answers to the other questions of the game either. With a ‘No’ to whether he has had any encounter with the authorities, when Dani Martínez predicted a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’ to whether he has felt that his life was in danger. Two no’s that were very unexpected by the host and that broke his plans.

During the program, The Leonese presenter took the opportunity to ask Dulceida about the strangest thing she has been offeredto which Aída Domènech confessed with a laugh that “there is one thing that my representative told me so that we could laugh together. Suddenly they wrote to him so that we could sell them my used panties. They wanted to do it as a collaboration,” Dulceida noted in ” a website of people’s used panties”.

Taking advantage of the laughter, Martínez brought up a topic “that someone had told him”, a somewhat eschatological WhatsApp group. Mobile phone in hand, Dulceida tells him that it is a group that includes “my friend Madame de Rosa, my friend Luc Loren, my wife, Susana Bicho and Obando, if I’m not mistaken. You can only talk with poop emoticons, the poop of WhatsApp.”

[El restaurante de arroces, ostras y una terraza de lujo donde Dulceida ha comido con concursantes de ‘OT’]

The operation of the group is very simple, “every time you go to the bathroom, you have to report in the group“. Faced with Martínez’s face of disbelief, Dulceida explains to him that “all this was Susana’s idea because she wanted to make a video how many times… because she said that she pooped a lot a day, and it’s a lie; It’s the one she’s doing the least.”

In that group are from his wife to some trusted friend: “You can only talk with poop emoticons. Every time you go to the bathroom you have to report to the group. It was Susana’s idea because she said that she pooped a lot and it’s a lie, it’s the one she’s doing the least.”

A fecal study that has given resounding results. When there is the most traffic it is in the morning, “then there is my friend Lucas who forgets, and says: ‘oh, I’ll count it,'” says Dulceida, who has not hesitated to show her cell phone to prove that it is true: “I every day around ten, nine… This group has been there for a month now. “Leave your cell phone there and tell me if there is any notification,” said Dani Martínez.

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