“Sustainable Agriculture and Buffer Zones: Insights from a 4th Generation Farmer”

2023-05-19 04:04:16

Yvon Gossuin has been a farmer for 4 generations in Dour. With his son, he decided a few years ago to stop traditional agriculture to practice sustainable agriculture: “The earth was tired, it was no longer allowed to breathe. Things had to change.

For him, buffer zones are an obligation: “It is quite logical ! Already for the health of the farmer it is problematic, so for the residents as well. Now, we know the harmfulness of these products, but at the time we were pushed to use them. Obviously, no one warned us of the dangers of their use.“, he explains.

However, few farmers respect these buffer zones. I see some of them going 30 cm from the neighbours’ hedges, at the risk of falling into the ravine with their tractor. In my opinion, when a farmer has to spread in his fields, he should go tell the local residents that he is going to do it, so that they can close the windows and not stay outside.

An observation shared by Marc Fichers:“When we say that we cannot treat within five feet, it is ridiculous. If there is no control, and there are few, the measure is not respected. Take your car, go and look around the orange fields, you will find that they have sprayed beyond the buffer zones.”

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