“Sweden Abolishes Permit Requirement for Dancing in Bars and Clubs”

2023-05-24 18:04:09

Bar and club owners in Sweden will no longer have to intervene when visitors start dancing.

Sweden is abolishing an almost 70-year-old rule that has made it difficult for many a spontaneous dance in pubs or discos. On July 1st, a permit requirement that has stipulated since 1956 that bars, restaurants and nightclubs in Sweden require a permit so that their guests can dance will be lifted.

So far, bar owners have had to intervene if, for example, there was spontaneous dancing at the bar – if they didn’t do this, they could lose their license to serve drinks. Many saw the scheme as old-fashioned and unnecessarily bureaucratic. The Swedish parliament in Stockholm approved on Wednesday, at the government’s suggestion, that this regulation should now be abolished.

In future it will be sufficient for organizers to report dance events to the police verbally and free of charge. For dance events in public places such as parks, however, you still need a permit.

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