Trial in Innsbruck – false soldier took over 300,000 euros from woman

For customs claims, parcels, flight and hotel bills, the native German transferred amounts from 2,360 euros to 77,000 euros. “Alex Dolfus”, as the heartbreaker called himself on the Internet, brought her more than 300,000 euros in just one month. “I was deprived of all my assets, took out a loan and borrowed money from a … Read more

Minecraft’s Steve and Alex amiibo will be released in a back-to-school double pack – Nintendo Switch

Following the various incidents that have occurred on the international scene this year, many exits from various sectors have been forced to be postponed. Among them was the release of the amiibo of Steve and Alex from the license Minecraft for collecting Super Smash Bros.. Nintendo made a press release this Friday to announce that … Read more

Àlex Nogué delves into the relationship between humans and the landscape in the exhibition ‘When the trees let go of the night’

The Girona House of Culture exhibits from this Tuesday until March 19 the exhibition ‘When the trees let go of the night’, a piece by the artist Àlex Nogué. The exhibition, organized and produced by the Casa de Cultura, delves into the relationship between human beings and the landscape and nature. And it is the … Read more

Àlex Rigola puts Ophelia of ‘Hamlet’ at the center of a piece that evokes contemporary anxieties

The festival high season says goodbye this weekend with several proposals, including the premiere of the new adventure essence ofAlex Rigola, ‘Ophelia‘. The Catalan director focuses on one of the great Shakespearean figures and focuses on the vital anxieties and depression that mark the fate of the character of ‘Hamlet‘. The proposal is poetic and … Read more

Piedad Córdoba impacts Petro’s campaign for Venezuela – Political Parties – Politics

Gustavo Petro, aspiring to the presidency, has made an enormous effort to put in the freezer the issue of Venezuela, usually; and of Nicolas Maduro, in particular. (We recommend: This is how the new integration centers for Venezuelan migrants work) He is aware of what it means for voters to relate him to that political … Read more

Álex Char: what does your arrival to the presidential candidacies mean? – Political Parties – Politics

The landing of Alejandro Char Chaljub, known as Álex Char, the long list of presidential candidates shakes the political center and moves the sectors of the right. (Can read: Duque assures that suspension of the guarantee law will be for one year) (In context: Alexander López is no longer running for the presidency) The list … Read more