That’s why I didn’t fall behind!Amazon is making a fortune from AI

2023-12-06 05:43:04 That’s why I didn’t fall behind!Amazon is making a fortune from AI (AWS) The rise of the seven technology giants has slowed down recently, and it is time for investors to study their future potential, and artificial intelligence will become the key to standing out. Download Yahoo Finance APP U.S. stocks and foreign … Read more

Alexa: numerous outages reported in France and Belgium on Amazon’s voice assistant

2023-12-04 21:25:00 “Sorry, I didn’t understand, the Internet connection is having problems.” Since late Monday afternoon, many users of the Alexa voice assistant have heard this phrase coming out of their Amazon Echo speaker. Internet connection is essential for Alexa to work. The site Down Detector, which relays in real time the status of various … Read more

The first batch of stills from Amazon’s live-action drama “Afterlife” have been exposed, highly restoring the power armor and ghoul shapes | 4Gamers

2023-11-29 02:37:49 Amazon Prime Videos’ live-action adaptation of “Fallout” has finally released the first batch of stills, featuring classic game elements such as power armor, corpses, and bird helicopters, and many details are lifelike. The show is expected to premiere in April 2024, U.S. time Premieres on the 12th. The live-action drama “Afterlife” is based … Read more

PAHO Support for Malaria Elimination in Guyana: Initiatives and Progress

2023-11-28 21:24:15 28/11/23Elimination of malaria: Paho confirms its support for Guyana France is committed to eliminating malaria from its territory in the coming years. The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) came to Guyana in mid-November to meet the stakeholders and observe the initiatives taken to achieve this. Several works will be carried out next year, … Read more

this is what they said from the company

2023-11-26 23:41:11 During the last week a rumor circulated that Amazon would be arriving in Argentina, after Javier Miley assume the presidency on December 10. Although this speculation excited several on social networks, finally It was denied by the company itself. “We do not have operational updates about our presence in Argentina“David Flores-Sánchez, Amazon spokesperson, … Read more

“Black Friday means more savings for the French,” says Frédéric Duval, CEO of Amazon France.

2023-11-24 08:29:59 If the French have adopted Black Friday, this day, they remain hermetic about Thanksgiving, which falls the day before. “We have traditions around turkey, but at Christmas,” underlines Frédéric Duval, CEO of Amazon France. Having become part of the customs of many French men and women, Black Friday is an opportunity “to access … Read more