“US Debt Ceiling Crisis: Latest Updates and Compromise Efforts by White House and Congress”

2023-05-27 05:22:35 An agreement finally in sight? There White House and the negotiators continued Friday, May 27 to construct a compromise rich in political ulterior motives to avoid a US defaultwhich could occur on June 5 instead of June 1, providing a short additional delay. President Joe Biden was quite “optimistic” at the end of … Read more

Angle: U.S. debt ceiling “X Day”, financial institutions prepare for market turmoil | Reuters

2023-05-26 07:00:00 NEW YORK (Reuters) – Fears are mounting among financial institutions as the U.S. federal government runs out of money on June 1, which is known as Day X. While some traders are avoiding U.S. Treasuries that mature in June, others are preparing to deal with default-risk bonds. May 26 (Reuters) – Financial institutions … Read more

“27 Republican Senators Call for Withdrawal of EPA’s Car Emissions Plan: Analysis and Reactions”

2023-05-26 04:50:00 Twenty-seven Republican senators on Wednesday urged the Biden administration to withdraw from the Environmental Protection Agency’s plan to cut emissions from new cars by 2032. FILE PHOTO: Washington, D.C., September 2023. REUTERS/SARAH SILBIGER WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Twenty-seven U.S. Republican senators on Wednesday urged the Biden administration to back down on the Environmental Protection … Read more

still no agreement, but progress between Joe Biden and the opposition

2023-05-23 00:05:35 Published on : 23/05/2023 – 02:05 US President Joe Biden met with Republican House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy on Monday to reach an agreement on raising the debt ceiling. The discussion was “productive” but did not lead to an immediate solution, while a default of payment from the United States is looming in … Read more

“US Budget Crisis: Joe Biden and Kevin McCarthy in Talks to Avoid Default”

2023-05-23 00:05:35 D-10. As the threat of a US default looms, Joe Biden and the leader of the opposition Kevin McCarthy wanted to believe Monday, May 22 in a way out of the crisis, but their disagreements are not yet overcome. “I have just completed a productive meeting” with the Republican boss of the House … Read more

“Crisis at Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant: Emergency Generator in Use as External Power Cut Off”

2023-05-22 08:49:00 [キーウ 22日 ロイター] – The Russian-occupied Zaporozhye nuclear power plant in southern Ukraine is cut off from external power and the nuclear fuel is cooled by an emergency generator. Local workers sent by Russia evacuated on the 22nd, saying that the Ukrainian side cut the power line, while Ukrainian nuclear power company Energoatom … Read more