EU 5 countries ban gasoline car sales 5 years extension request by 40 years | Reuters

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President Putin makes his first foreign visit this week to two Central Asian countries | Reuters

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Angle: U.S. Supreme Court decision not recognizing abortion rights, driven by Mr. Trump | Reuters

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Focus: Left-wing governments in Latin America, Corona and inflation momentum | Reuters

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Ukrainian War is at an Important Phase, Continue Support = US Defense Secretary | Reuters

US Defense Secretary Austin pointed out on June 15 that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is approaching an important phase, and said that the United States … Read more

U.S. Department of State, Taiwan Strait Supports Taiwan’s Claim to International Waters | Reuters

The US State Department said on the 14th that the Taiwan Strait supports Taiwan’s claim that it is an international body of water. The photo … Read more

Two new variants of Omicron expand to about 20% of US infected people = CDC | Reuters

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Severodonetsk and Kharkiv struggle, tremendous damage = President of Ukraine | Reuters

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