By ministerial decision… Formation of a regional council for mental health in Assiut

01:23 PM Sunday, January 22, 2023 Assiut – Mahmoud Agamy: Today, Sunday, Acting President of Assiut University, Dr. Maha Ghanem, announced that Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Health and Population, issued his decision to form the Regional Council for Mental Health in Assiut, headed by Dr. Wajih Abdel Nasser, Professor of Psychiatry at the … Read more

Rescuing a girl and recovering 4 bodies from the rubble of the collapsed property in Assiut so far

The rescue and civil protection forces in Assiut are intensifying their efforts to search for missing persons under the rubble Collapsed house West district. Major General Essam Saad, Governor of Assiut, stated that a girl was rescued alive from under the rubble and 4 bodies were extracted from the residents of the collapsed house, announcing … Read more

The body of a woman embracing the Qur’an on the prayer rug was recovered from the collapsed property in Assiut. Photos

The Rapid Rescue and Civil Protection forces managed to recover the body of a woman named, Nawal Muhammad Zain al-Din, from the bottom of the rubble of the collapsed house in the Qulta area in the western district of the city. Asyutwhile holding the Holy Quran on the prayer rug, and the forces continue to … Read more

Implementation of a two-stage family planning and reproductive health campaign in Assiut next Sunday

Major General Essam Saad, Governor of Assiut, said that the Directorate of Health and Population in the governorate is in the process of implementing a family planning and reproductive health campaign with the aim of providing family planning services free of charge to beneficiaries in villages and the most needy areas from 11 to 22 … Read more

Egypt… Revealing details of the death of two dangerous wanted men in a confrontation with the police

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" The Ministry of Interior added in a statement: "In continuation of the efforts of the Ministry of Interior agencies to combat crime in all its forms, especially the pursuit and seizure of dangerous criminal elements, the security services were able to locate two highly dangerous criminal elements in my governorates. … Read more

Names of the victims and injured in a bus-trailer collision in Minya

The Eastern Desert Road witnessed an accident involving a public transport bus and a heavy transport vehicle with a trailer near the village of Al Barsha in Mallawy District, Minya Governorate, resulting in the death of 22 people and the injury of 33 others. The accident resulted in the death of Mahmoud Hamdi Mahmoud, 27 … Read more