Shao Yuwei and Wu Kangren have a stable relationship, “Frankly admit that her stomach is getting fat.” She shouted to clarify: she is not pregnant|Entertainment|CTWANT

Shao Yuwei admitted a few days ago that she has gained weight, and all the fat is concentrated in her stomach, but she quickly clarified that “it’s not true”. (Photo/reposted from Shao Yuwei’s Facebook page) Shao Yuwei confessed her love to Wu Kangren in 2020. The two are in a stable relationship, and they love … Read more

An inch of waist circumference increases one point of death?Partial cellulite may disappoint | visceral fat | abdominal fat | thin belly

A protruding abdomen and hidden fat will increase the risk of many chronic diseases, and people with a “thin” appearance should not be ignored either. However, some emphasize “skinny belly“,eliminatebelly fatway, can be disappointing. Visceral fatDon’t Ignore Your Healthy Weight Can Be Deceiving Human body fat is divided into subcutaneous fat andVisceral fat. Subcutaneous fat … Read more

Eating foods rich in calcium and vitamin D helps to get rid of the “rumen”

The “Daily Express” website revealed that one study in 171 adults found that a combination of supplements can reduce visceral fat in people who are overweight or obese.. Unlike subcutaneous fat, which is found directly under the skin, visceral fat is stored deep in the abdomen. A certain amount of it is necessary because it … Read more

If you have a belly.. 5 foods that should be eaten for breakfast to lose weight

When we talk about losing Belly fat What we focus on is the visceral fat that collects around a person’s abdomen. It is known as the “dangerous” type of fat because it is located on the abdominal organs and can lead to diseases such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes, according to a study … Read more

New obesity treatment emerges… Eliminating visceral fat with positively charged nanomaterials: Dong-A Science

Columbia University Irving Medical Center A study has found that visceral fat, the main cause of belly fat, can be removed with nanomaterials. Courtesy of Getty Image Bank. A study has found that visceral fat, the main cause of ‘belly fat’, can be removed with nanomaterials. Attention is focusing on whether it will lead to … Read more

This diet is the most effective in reducing abdominal visceral fat – Healing Practice

Special Mediterranean diet effectively reduces harmful belly fat Die mediterranean diet is generally considered one of the healthiest forms of nutrition. According to a recent study, a special form of this diet is particularly effective for so-called visceral abdominal fat to reduce. These fatty deposits are considered particularly harmfulas the fat accumulates directly around the … Read more