After the match, who will be selected in round 31?

2023-11-01 14:35:00 Speak, Cartoleiro! “Let’s go” to round #31 from Cartola FC. In the last round, our team scored, getting 98.25 points, practically double the average of the round’s top scorers, who got 48.94. We hope to repeat the result in round 31, and for that, we will bet heavily on Iinternational, Flamengo e Atlético-MG. … Read more

Tips for mitting, valorization and more selected for the 28th round

2023-10-21 01:57:02 Speak, Cartoleiro! “Let’s go” to round #28 from Cartola FC. The last round was a disgrace for most card holders, including us. In any case, we closed the round with a score of 44.66 points, slightly above the average of the card makers in the round, who scored 43.35 points. For this round, … Read more

who to choose in the 23rd round?

2023-09-13 17:53:00 Speak, Cartoleiro! We arrived at the 23rd round from Cartola FC. In the previous round, our team achieved almost 90 points and we reached 146 cards. For this round 23, our bets revolve around the Palm treeswho plays at home against Goiás, and some players from other teams, such as Flamengo, Red Bull … Read more