Controversial Incident in Synchronized Skating: Brazilian Athlete Guilherme Abel Rocha Faces Backlash and Calls for Respect

2023-11-06 12:29:08

The Brazilian Guilherme Abel Rocha was won on Sunday repudiation of the Chilean fans for pushing Emmanuelle Silva in the middle of the final of the 500 meters of the Santiago 2023 skate race.

Shortly after the definition began at the National Stadium Park skating track, the representative of the country of samba displaced the local credit in the middle of the race and the national team finished lying on the ground.

Given this, Abel Rocha began to receive strong attacks on social networks from, mainly, national fans. They accused him, even with insultsto take away Silva’s victory and a new Pan American gold.

The wave of messages was such that the Brazilian athlete blocking the ability to leave comments on your Instagram account. Silva even made a call on networks to stop hate messages against his rival.

In the last hours, Abel Rocha reopened his Instagram and published a video defending himself against criticism and asking for respect.

“After everything that happened, I want to ask you for respect. I received many messages and threats because of a situation that happened during a test. It was poorly explained was misunderstood by some”, he indicated.

“But I want to reflect on sports, on that respect that there must be from athletes to other athletes, from fans to athletes, even from athletes to fans. It is a profession linked to that, it is a very large ecosystem and we need that respect”, he added.

Finally, the Brazilian reiterated that “Situations like these cannot happen. Athletes deserve respect, both from professional colleagues and from fans. Unfortunately, these are things that have been happening with more frequency than they should, but we are going to continue fighting for a cleaner, safer and more respectful sport.”

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