There are voices in the party about catching war criminals Chen Qimai: You have to admit defeat in the election, and accusing each other will not make progress-Politics-Liberty Times Newsletter

In the Democratic Progressive Party, there are many voices about arresting war criminals. Chen Qimai said something serious: if you lose the election, you have to admit it. If you blame each other, the party will not make progress. (Photo by reporter Ge Youhao) 2022/11/29 11:47 [Reporter Ge Youhao/Kaohsiung Report]The Democratic Progressive Party suffered a … Read more

Chen Jianren: My whole family is very happy to know that Chen Shizhong is going to be the mayor of the North – Politics – Liberty Times Newsletter

Former Vice President Chen Jianren revealed in an exclusive interview with the DPP Podcast channel that his family was very happy when he knew that Chen Shizhong was running for mayor of Taipei, and he also believed that Chen Shizhong had the qualities to be a good mayor. (Provided by DPP) 2022/07/19 13:16 [Reporter Chen … Read more

Kaohsiung’s blue battalion battle letter: I am more capable than Chen Qimai-Politics-Zhongshi News Network

In the Kaohsiung mayoral election at the end of the year, who the Blue Camp will send to challenge the current DPP mayor Chen Qimai has become one of the Blue Camp headaches. Recently, Ke Zhien, the executive director of the Kuomintang think tank, Yang Zhiliang, the former health director, Chen Yuzhen, the legislator of … Read more

Kaohsiung Chen Qimai 1400 Announces Further Tightening of Epidemic Prevention Measures | Politics | New Head Shell Newtalk

Chen Qimai will announce further tightening of epidemic prevention measures. Photo: Provided by Kaohsiung City Government (file photo) The epidemic spread in Kaohsiung, and it was the first time that a local case was reported in 5 months. On the 20th, a family of three in Fengshan was infected with the epidemic. At least 5 … Read more