Japanese Ultramarathon Champion Ryoichi Seki’s 1,000-Mile Run Around Taiwan for World Peace

2023-11-29 04:14:00 Japanese world ultramarathon champion Ryoichi Seki (the runner in black in the middle) ran a thousand miles around Taiwan again after 11 years to pray for world peace. He also started from Chaoshan Police Station early this morning and ran all the way. Dongmen City, Chenghuang Temple and Zhuke Park, then run to … Read more

Li Sichuan goes back to Xiaoliuqiu to chase the “Pink Supercar”!Increased exposure to flash photos and full riots-Politics-China Times News Network

Li Sichuan recently returned to his hometown of Xiaoliuqiu to participate in the 300th anniversary of Avalokitesvara Buddha in Biyun Temple. (Photo/taken from Li Sichuan Facebook) Li Sichuan goes back to his hometown to chase the “Pink Supercar”! Plus size and his wife posted a flash photo of the whole riot (the source of the … Read more

Jiang Wanan’s small cabinet confirms one more person!Appreciated as the only suitable person in Taiwan: “He” will take over the Civil Affairs Bureau – Politics – Zhongshi

[Full subtitles]The cabinet arrangement will be announced next week!Biography of Li Sichuan Renbei City Deputy Mayor Jiang Wananzan: the most needed talents The small cabinet of Jiang Wanan, the prospective Taipei mayor, has been released one after another. Chen Yongde, a senior member of the North City Council and the executive director of Jiang Wanan’s … Read more

The results of the election of Taipei city councilors are released, veterans fall, rookies rise- Politics- Liberty Times Newsletter

Lin Ruitu, a non-party member, unexpectedly lost the election. (file photo) 2022/11/27 06:31 First post 11-26 23:09update time 11-27 06:31 [Reporters Yang Xinhui, Cai Yahua/Taipei Report]The nine-in-one election ended yesterday. The total number of Taipei City councilors has 61 seats. 21 seats, blue and green are still less than half, the People’s Party was promoted … Read more

Has Wang Shijian been in the DPP not long ago?Ke P was asked a surprising response-Politics-China Times News

Has Wang Shijian been in the DPP not long ago?Ke Wenzhe was asked “one thing” and spit out a surprising response @中时新闻网​​ DPP Taipei City Councilor Wang Shijian said in an exclusive interview a few days ago that he owed favors to the non-party Taipei mayoral candidate Huang Shanshan, which was interpreted as “voting to … Read more

Taipei mayor’s poll falls below the glasses, Wu Zijia boldly predicts the ending – Politics – China Times News

The nine-in-one election is just around the corner, and the elections for the heads of counties and cities have attracted much attention, and the capital is a battleground for the military. The support of Huang Shanshan and DPP candidate Chen Shizhong are quite close. Wu Zijia, chairman of the “Beautiful Island Electronic News”, predicted that … Read more

This scene appeared on the stage of Chen Shizhong’s election battle, and Ke P couldn’t help but blurt out 4 words-Politics-Zhongshi News Network

This scene appeared on the stage of Chen Shizhong’s election campaign. Ke Wenzhe couldn’t help but blurt out 4 words @中shinews.com Chen Shizhong, a candidate for the Taipei mayoral election of the Democratic Progressive Party, reorganized the strategic sprint after the incident of Zhou Yukou, a media person, and discussed it with the people with … Read more