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Has Wang Shijian been in the DPP not long ago?Ke Wenzhe was asked “one thing” and spit out a surprising response @中时新闻网​​

DPP Taipei City Councilor Wang Shijian said in an exclusive interview a few days ago that he owed favors to the non-party Taipei mayoral candidate Huang Shanshan, which was interpreted as “voting to keep Huang Shanshan”, so he was flanked by the green camp. Chairman of the People’s Party and Taipei Mayor Ko Wenzhe last night (18th) when he joined Huang Shanshan in a live broadcast, he believed that Wang Shijian’s time in the DPP would not be long. “If this continues, the DPP will definitely kill him.” As for whether Wang Shijian would be recruited to join the People’s Party, Ke responded “yes”.

In a recent exclusive interview with DPP City Councilor Wang Shijian, he mentioned “Owing Shanshan Huang once”. The main reason is that he proposed seven years ago that the city government should terminate the contract and take over the Taipei Arena. Second reading. Wang Shijian believes that Huang Shanshan made the right decision at the critical moment, “she is an upright and honest person.” Unexpectedly, these remarks were interpreted as supporting the party mayoral candidate Chen Shizhong, but the votes were reserved for Huang Shanshan. Wang Shijian was even more tragically sent to the flank of the green camp. Wang Shijian was so angry that he jumped out and denied that he “did not vote to keep Huang Shanshan.”

When Ke Wenzhe and Huang Shanshan were broadcasting live on Huang Shanshan’s YouTube channel last night, they were also asked relevant questions by the host Zhu Kaixiang. Huang Shanshan believes that for Wang Shijian, she will feel that she is the same in what he thinks is right, “I don’t know that he kept this matter in mind for so long.” Regarding the siege of Wang Shijian, Huang Shanshan believes that the party does not want to destroy humanity, and the election should be a happy election and a happy vote. Why do you have to kill each other. Huang Shanshan mentioned that Li Hongyuan, former minister of the interior, went to help her, and the KMT did not expel him from the party.

However, Ke Wenzhe, who was on the sidelines, shouted “It’s coming soon”, and said that he thought about it, and felt that Wang Shijian’s time in the DPP was not long. If Wang Shijian continued to do it, the DPP would definitely kill him. .

Zhu Kaixiang said that Wang Shijian was so angry that his veins burst out, would Ke Wenzhe feel sorry for Wang Shijian? Ke Ze responded that he would not, “otherwise he would have abandoned the dark and turned to the bright.” Zhu Kaixiang asked whether he would invite Wang Shijian to join the People’s Party, and Ke Ze replied “Yes.” As soon as this remark came out, Huang Shanshan couldn’t help laughing.

Article Source:Arbor is here! Blind Test of Taipei Mayor’s Candidates FT. Ke Wenzhe, Zhu Kaixiang (55:46)

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