Paris 2024 Olympics: Challenges and Readiness for Public Transport and Homeless Management

2023-11-23 16:19:55 On “Quotidien”, the mayor of Paris estimated Wednesday evening, November 22, that “we are not going to be ready” for the management of public transport and the homeless, in the capital, at the time of the 2024 Olympic Games, and pointing the finger at the responsibility of the government and the region. Or … Read more

The electric car at 100 euros per month should cost the State 50 million euros in 2024

2023-10-24 23:12:37 A drop in the ocean for the state coffers, but a major political risk. While the presidential promise to make electric cars accessible to the most modest French people, for 100 euros per month, is gradually taking shape, parliamentarians from the majority are worried that this measure cannot be strictly kept. Its implementation, … Read more

Uniforms in Schools: Benefits and Experiments for Teenagers

2023-09-04 19:46:00 On the wearing of the uniform at school, which ignites the debates from one end to the other of the political spectrum, he said he was in favor of “experiments” and an “evaluation”, by pronouncing rather for a “unique outfit”, “much more acceptable for teenagers”. “Without having a uniform, we can say ‘you … Read more

A69 Castres-Toulouse motorway: demonstrations against an anti-ecological project

2023-04-22 12:18:59 Hundreds of opponents of the A69 Toulouse-Castres are gradually gathering this Saturday, April 22 in Saïx, in the Tarn, to protest against the motorway project which they consider contradictory with the climate emergency, during a mobilization weekend under close surveillance. A dozen representatives of the organizers, including the local collective The way is … Read more