Burned, a 35-year-old man was vaccinated with a cross-formula vaccination. Died 5 days after the second child was born

Sadly, the funeral of a 35-year-old man died after injection.cross vaccination The wife of the second son had to be orphaned by the father. without … Read more

The number of cases has soared. Today, Thailand reports 13,256 more infections, 131 more deaths.

Today (Sept. 23) at 07.30, Emergency Operations Center, Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health Reveal the number of the epidemic situationCOVID-19 in Thailand … Read more

Public health personnel associations protest against the research work on sino-farm injections in children aged 3 years and over.

network of medical personnel Opposing Sinofarm vaccination research in children aged 3 years and over, pointing out that “children and young people are not vaccinated … Read more

FDA green light! The coronavirus vaccine, “Moderna”, has been approved to be administered to adolescents aged 12-17 years.

FDA approved “Moderna Vaccine” Can be injected in adolescents aged 12-17 years in Thailand. Today (16 September) Mrs. Sunaina Kitkasetpaisan General Manager of ZP Theraputics … Read more

The world must remember. People of Krapho sub-district, Surin province sit on the back of an elephant for the doctor to inject the covids.

Krapho sub-district, Surin province, the most elephant-raising area in Thailand Sit on the back of an elephant for the doctor to vaccinate. From the outbreak … Read more

Mongolia finds seven beavers infected with Delta-type COVID-19

ULAANBAATOR, Sept. 12 (Xinhua) — Mongolia’s National Center for Animal-to-Human Diseases (NCZD) ​​reported on Saturday.beaverThere is a test result for the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) … Read more

Assistant Secretary of the Medical Council reveals the trial of Astra 3 needles into the skin found that the immunity increased by 99%

“Mor Methee” reveals the results of the trial, voluntarily injects Booster Dose Astra into the skin layer. The immunity was increased to 99% from 47% … Read more

Xi Jinping announces global distribution of 2 billion doses of vaccine this year, 3.3 billion donated via COVAX.

Xi Jinping has announced that he will donate anti-vaccination vaccines.COVIDGive 2 billion doses worldwide by 2021 and will donate approximately 3,330 million baht to the … Read more

Chulalongkorn people mourn “Uncle Fruity” the legendary Vespa fruit car after Covid-19 killed

Mourning “Uncle Fruity”, a legendary Vespa fruit truck in Chulalongkorn University for more than 35 years, has died after being infected.COVID-19 Today (3 Aug.) Facebook … Read more

Khajai’s family, a 34-year-old man, was vaccinated with Sinovac for just one day. Severe abdominal pain before the shock

34 year old man injectionsinovac vaccineJust one day, severe abdominal pain, carried to the hospital in the middle of the night before the shock, revealed … Read more