“PlayStation VR2”, which is less than a month away from the official release, is now accepting general reservations! -funglr Games

distanceFebruary 22, 2023 (Wednesday)PS VR dedicated to PS5, less than a month after the official releasePlayStation VR2“(hereinafter referred to as PS VR2)It felt like a long time before the product was announced, but recently it finally feltIt’s getting closer to the release dateup.In addition to the masterpiece “Resident Evil Village VR“Besides, there areMore than 30 … Read more

The ancestor of FPS “Golden Eye 007” was released on the overseas version of Nintendo Switch and Xbox on January 27! The release in Japan is scheduled for 2023! -funglr Games

“Apex Legends”, “VALORANT”, “Counter-Strike” and “Call of Duty”, etc., which operate characters from a first-person perspectiveFPS(First-person Shooting) game is inOne of the most popular game genres in the world。Many FPS games are basically free to play, and the easy-to-use feature makes such works occupy a large seat in the download version market and e-sports competitions.Nowadays, … Read more

“Splatoon 3” appears on the smartphone printer “INSTAX mini Link”! Limited sets and exclusive albums will also be released! -funglr Games

Added “Splatoon 3” elements! With the smartphone printer “INSTAX mini Link 2″, you can use the smartphone app ” INSTAX mini Link for Nintendo Switch ”Print screenshots taken with Nintendo Switch. Not only can it be printed as it is, but it can also be decorated with borders, etc., ” Atsume Dobutsu Mori Yukai 》、《 … Read more

Stay at home alone? Having a party with friends? The download version limited “Nintendo Switch Chinese New Year Sale” will start on New Year’s Day 2023! -funglr Games

Hot works up to 50% OFF! “Nintendo Switch Chinese New Year Sale” includes the Nintendo Switch on sale18 digital download works, works will be 20% ~ 50% OFFdiscounted sale.which includesmultiplayer game、A single-player game that can be played leisurely by one personas well asNewly released game worksWait, it’s really a good opportunity worth starting with.besides“Karaoke JOYSOUND … Read more

Super topical items on sale! Buy year-end and New Year’s playable games in the first PS Store “Winter Sale”! -funglr Games

Only a few remain in 2022. A year has passed, and I have a lot to do this year. rnAll kinds of media are planning to look back on 2022, but I don’t know if it’s because of my age, I already feel nostalgic for the first half of the year… rnEven for games, there … Read more

“Splatoon 3” 3rd festival will be held at the beginning of the year! Yobi Matsuri starts at the end of the year! – funglr Games

Thank you very much for your part-time job at Big Run the other day! Of course Nintendo Switch “splatoon 3is the story.The stage was “smacy world” is also different from the usual battle, and I think it was quite fun to spit salmon.bear sun blasterwas also refreshing.I managed to get into the top 50%, but … Read more

The latest trailer of “FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS” is released suddenly! CBT postponed until summer 2023.

2022 marks the 35th anniversary of Square Enix’s RPG masterpiece Final Fantasy series, so there are really a lot of announcements. rnA few days ago, the latest numbered work “FINAL FANTASY XVI”, which is scheduled to be exclusive to PS5, will be released on June 22, 2023 (Thursday), and pre-orders have already started, so very … Read more

Super Mario Bros × G-SHOCK! Retro Mario’s cute collaboration model “DW-5600SMB-4JR”! – funglr Games

There are many products that Japan boasts to the world, the most famous of which is the Casio watch “G-SHOCK”. rn”G-SHOCK” will celebrate its 40th anniversary in April 2023, but there are really a lot of collections, from simple to rough, chic to pop, and many colors besides solid. Because there are various designs, it … Read more