Gold color, 16GB RAM… ‘Galaxy Z Fold 4 Flip 4’ China Telecom model released in China on October 21st

Source: Weibo China Telecom, a Chinese mobile operator, will release the W23 5G series foldable smartphone on the 21st. This year, the W23 series is expected to consist of ▲W23 ▲W23 Flip. They are identified as custom versions of ▲Galaxy Z Fold 4 ▲Galaxy Z Flip 4, respectively. According to the poster, the W23 series … Read more

Review of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 / Galaxy Z Fold 4, folding screen mobile phone, Minor Change

Anyone who is waiting for a review of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4 can tell that it’s late, but it’s coming. If you ask for external changes, it may not be much, but it feels more comfortable to hold. The internal part is packed with power with the Snapdragon … Read more

Foldable Galaxy Z4 sales strong over the first weekend… ‘e-Sim’ waiting for demand

Samsung Electronics’ new foldable smartphone entered the box office with strong sales during the first weekend after its official launch. Although there was an atmosphere to avoid large-scale offline launch events due to the re-spreading of COVID-19, major sales channels such as frontline mobile phone distribution stores and Samsung Digital Plaza were bustling with visitors … Read more

Its price reaches 900 Bahraini dinars.. Samsung unveils its most expensive phone!

It has 1TB of storage – but at a whopping £2019 price Samsung unveiled two new foldable phones with flexible glass that folds down the middle of the screen, including the most expensive device to date. The Korean tech giant revealed several new products during its Unpacked event on Wednesday, including the Galaxy Z Fold … Read more

Open the price of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 / Z Flip4 starting at 35,900 baht

Samsung launches the price of new foldable smartphones, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, with those who pre-order will receive products during August 26 – September 1, before the official release. 2 Sep. For customers who ordered special colors You will receive the product within 1 month after payment. For the Samsung … Read more

Colors of the homeland | Find out the price and specifications of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 days before its global launch

​ A few days remain until the launch of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 phone, which has achieved wide fame as one of the foldable phones series, which made many smartphone lovers wait for its availability in global markets and are trying to know the most important thing that distinguishes it, so we present in … Read more

Now is the era of foldable phones… Samsung’s eyes to the world

Galaxy Z Fold 4 expected images. Photo. Phone Arena Capture. [데일리임팩트 최문정 기자] Samsung Electronics is throwing a win over the globalization of its ambitious foldable phone next week. Samsung Electronics, which introduced its first foldable phone to the market in 2019, is planning to solidify its position by defeating its longtime rival Apple. According … Read more