Brahmapuram fire; The meeting was chaired by the Health Minister to discuss health issues

Kochi: Minister Veena George called a meeting under the leadership of the Health Minister to discuss health issues in the wake of the Brahmapuram fire. Minister P Rajeev, MLAs and officials are attending the meeting. Other ministers are participating in the meeting online. The emergency meeting is being held in view of the health problems … Read more

Discussion with the Minister, Harshina finally called off the strike

Kozhikode – Harshina, who protested in front of the Mother and Child Protection Center demanding justice for the incident where the scissors got stuck in her stomach during the delivery surgery, called off the strike. The decision was taken after discussions with Health Minister Veena George. The minister assured Harshina that justice would be served. … Read more

The Minister of Health explained the cause of the shortage of medical supplies

Talking to reporters after a meeting on the morning of February 25 chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha about removing problems related to the procurement of medical equipment, testing chemicals, diagnostic biologicals, and consumer products. Hao, medicine, Health Minister Dao Hong Lan said that when the Government issues Resolution 144, Decree 98 at … Read more

The Chinese variant is also available in India for the first time; Covid test at Airport | International Arrivals

New Delhi: The variant suspected of causing the spread of Covid in China has also been found in India. The BF7 Omicron variant has been confirmed in four people so far. The disease was confirmed in Gujarat and Odisha. The Gujarat government has announced that two people who have been diagnosed with the disease in … Read more

Eguatáke an hour, day by day

Taking a daily walk, accompanied by a healthy diet, helps to improve the quality of life, prevent chronic diseases such as obesity, hypertension and diabetes, increases energy and a sense of well-being, in addition to many other benefits for the body. It is recommended to avoid physical activity in the sun (outdoors) between 10:00 and … Read more

Red alert in the clinics: CSU minister attacks Lauterbach politics

Red alert in the clinics | CSU Minister goes to Lauterbach Verbal attack on Federal Health Minister Lauterbach (59, SPD) … A heated argument broke out at the health ministers’ conference in Magdeburg on Monday afternoon. According to information from participants, the reason was that Lauterbach did not give any concrete signals as to how … Read more