Thermal management construction department, disaster safety management practice ‘lead’

The Korea Thermal Management Construction Association (Chairman Yoo Jeong-beom) announced that it held the ‘2023 Energy Efficiency Improvement and Disaster Safety Management Practice Pledge Contest’ and the ‘2023 Regular General Meeting’ on February 28 at the conference room on the 4th floor of the Shindaebang-dong Specialized Construction Center. On this day, the pledge contest was … Read more

Absolutely clean, space-saving and smart

ÖkoFEN, a specialist for pellet heating systems, is presenting 23 top innovations at the WeBuild energy saving trade fair in Wels Hall 20, Stand C310. The company relies on absolutely clean, independent and efficient heating with pellets.For the first time, a ZeroFlame pellet boiler from ÖkoFEN will be presented live in operation at the trade … Read more

SK Eco Plant, Fair Trade Autonomous Compliance Program ‘AA Grade’

SK Ecoplant is drawing attention as it is accelerating its ESG management, such as being recognized as an excellent company in recognition of its contribution to strengthening internal law-abiding management. SK Ecoplant announced on December 14 that it obtained an excellent grade of ‘AA’ in the 2022 Fair Trade Compliance Program (CP) grade evaluation supervised … Read more

LH, support for comprehensive housing subscription savings for young people preparing for self-reliance

LH announced that it will implement the ‘Youth + Start Housing Subscription Savings Program’ to support the payment of comprehensive housing subscription savings for Woori Bank, the Korean Red Cross, and young people preparing for self-reliance. On December 9, the three institutions announced that they had signed a business agreement for housing independence support for … Read more

1.11 won/MJ increase in city gas rates for housing and general use

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (Minister Chang-yang Lee) announced that from July 1, the city gas rate for civil (housing and general use) will increase by 1.11 won per megajoule (MJ). An official from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy said, “This increase is the result of reflecting the increase in the … Read more