Naf Naf recovery by its supplier of a franco-Turkish

The claw Naf Naf is passed under the flag of franco-Turkish. The group SY Corporate has achieved this Friday the resumption of this brand to … Read more

In Sète, purchases, in part, reimbursed for support of local commerce

This refund will last throughout the weekend at retailers in the city centre of the fourteen villages of the agglomeration. By Guillaume Mollaret “The offer … Read more

Colgate will “re-examine” its toothpastes sold in Asia

The giant american hygiene products and household Colgate-Palmolive will “review“its toothpaste Darlie sold in Asia and whose name means “toothpaste for a black person“in chinese, … Read more

Orchestra Prémaman taken at the bar of the court by her boss

The tribunal de commerce of Montpellier has opted for the project of recovery of Pierre Mestre, executive officer, founder and main shareholder of the brand … Read more

Towards a “New Deal” in the travel industry

Reconstruction of aerial networks, differentiated management of flows of passengers in airports, restructuring in the aerospace… The cabinet Archery Consulting anticipates big changes within the … Read more

Carrefour placed on the voice to boost online sales

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these French giants of the luxury industry and of the technology that’s familiar to their historical peaks

DECRYPTION – Some of the values, continue to frighten the counters of the Stock market. A place in the portfolios. The queue in front of … Read more