Jackson Mora’s Community Manager Writes Romantic Messages for Tilsa Lozano: Magaly Medina Lashes Out and Defends Her Fighter

2023-07-04 12:27:54 After it was revealed that Jackson Mora hired his Community Manager to write the romantic messages for Tilsa Lozano, the ex-model decided to lash out at Magaly and defend her fighter, trying to give the “magpie” and her husband a little poison in each statement, making the redhead’s response imminent. LOOK: Tilsa Lozano … Read more

Magaly Medina: Patricio Suárez Vértiz’s partner thought they were invited for an ampay | PSV | show business | Magaly TV | trcm | SHOWS

Updated on 04/01/2023 02:54 AM m. In the last edition of the program “Magaly TV, The Firm”on March 31, Magaly Medina brought Patricio Suárez Vértiz as a guest, who arrived next to his new girlfriend, who was nervous for a curious reason. Certainly the brother of Pedro Suarez Vertiz revealed live that his partner he … Read more

Magaly Medina shows construction of the luxurious house that she will have with Alfredo Zambrano in Surco | Magaly TV, the firm | Instagram | videos | nvb | show business

Magaly Medina and Alfredo Zambrano are looking forward to finishing their new house. Photo: composition LR/Instagram/Magaly Medina | Photo: composition LR/Instagram/Magaly Medina Magaly Medina enjoys the weekend accompanied by her beloved husband, the well-known notary Alfredo Zambrano. In the middle of her rest days, “Urraca” took advantage of the morning of Saturday, January 4, to … Read more