Magaly Medina shows construction of the luxurious house that she will have with Alfredo Zambrano in Surco | Magaly TV, the firm | Instagram | videos | nvb | show business

Magaly Medina and Alfredo Zambrano are looking forward to finishing their new house. Photo: composition LR/Instagram/Magaly Medina | Photo: composition LR/Instagram/Magaly Medina Magaly Medina enjoys the weekend accompanied by her beloved husband, the well-known notary Alfredo Zambrano. In the middle of her rest days, “Urraca” took advantage of the morning of Saturday, January 4, to … Read more

Emilia Drago reveals how her father reacted when she found out that her husband Diego Lombardi is 14 years older than her | age | marriage | Magaly Medina | show business

Emilia Drago and her husband Diego Lombardi They appeared on the program “Magaly TV: the firm” to tell details about their marriage and family. The happy couple has been together for more than a decade and has two daughters together. Thus, the actress surprised by telling how she found out that her husband was many … Read more

Milena Zárate is denounced for fraud and because she would belong to a criminal gang | Edwin Sierra | Magaly Medina | Magaly TV, the firm | Public Ministry | Prosecutor’s Office | entertainment

Milena Zarate has been reported for fraud. This Wednesday, October 19, Magaly Medina presented a report in which they accuse the Colombian model of belonging to a criminal gang that swindled and stole thousands of soles. According to the victim’s lawyer, Jesus Eduardo Nunez PradoMilena Zárate would belong to a criminal group that stole more … Read more

Giuliana Rengifo kisses with a married notary in Magaly Medina’s new ampay | Alfredo Zambrano | Magaly TV, the firm | videos | entertainment

Scandal! Giuliana Rengifo returns to monopolize the attention within the local show business after being caught kissing Paul Pinedo Gavilán, notary who would be married more than 20 years ago. That’s how he made it known Magaly Medinathrough a short video as a preview of what will be seen on the night of September 19 … Read more

Sergio Peña: The soccer player’s mother leaves a message on Tepha Loza’s social networks after rumors of a breakup | Instagram | Claudia Flowers | This is war | Magaly Medina | Magaly TV, the firm | entertainment

Rumors of breakup between Tepha Loza y Sergio Pena they continue to increase over time. The mediatic couple has shared publications that could imply that their relationship has ended. After the soccer player published and deleted a strange text, her mother left a message to the model on her social networks. YOU CAN SEE Are … Read more

Roberto Chorri Palacios | Ex-soccer player’s wife publishes message after ampay: “You don’t let me get discouraged” | Karla Quintana | Instagram | Magaly TV | entertainment

Roberto ‘Chorri’ Palacios continues to receive criticism due to reappearance in a ampay with a young woman, with whom he was caught leaving a hotel. Although the former soccer player assured that he would not be unfaithful to his wife Karla Quintana, the images of “Magaly TV, the firm” showed the opposite. YOU CAN SEE … Read more