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In the last edition of the program “Magaly TV, The Firm”on March 31, Magaly Medina brought Patricio Suárez Vértiz as a guest, who arrived next to his new girlfriend, who was nervous for a curious reason.

Certainly the brother of Pedro Suarez Vertiz revealed live that his partner he asked him more than once if they had been called to show them an ampay. However, nothing like that happened.

Trome | Patricio Suárez Vértiz on Magaly TV, La Firme

next, Magaly Medina he confessed that he would have had no mercy in criticizing him if his reporters supported him. However, she would have told him beforehand about what her invitation would be about.

How did Patricio Suárez Vértiz meet his girlfriend?

According to the words of the same young woman, she said that they have been in love for two years and that he -through the social network Facebook- he began to conquer her with great insistence.

In addition, he stated that he did not know the band “Arena Hash”, which outraged the host, as he classified this ignorance as “shame”.

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Magaly will pay Jossmery ‘whim’ for interviewing her

Ready to break the piggy bank. Magaly Medina was surprised to learn that Jossmery Toledo was charging S/. 10 thousand soles for each interview in which he recounted his experience with the soccer player Paolo Hurtado, after the ampay in Cusco.

“Urraca” surprised viewers by raising the amount of money and offering Jossmery 15,000 soles to obtain an exclusive interview with the model so that she can tell everything that happened with Paolo Hurtado after the ampay they starred in.


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