【Cryptocurrency】Meme Coin under the Vite chain — Vinu

Wine Vinu coin is a token under the vite chain. Its goal is to catch up with Dogecoin. Meme Coin, which surpasses Shiba Inucoin, also needs to join through the Dc community. Most of the activities are on this, but in the near future, the team has plans If you want to develop on Telegram, … Read more

The Space Web3 Museum – Curator’s Notes 9

https://opensea.io/assets/matic/0x2953399124f0cbb46d2cbacd8a89cf0599974963/46801533961623304014339665691054147296598555920100964107626542742560659472884/ New NFT Creation This time, considering that the users of Matters are mainly polygon wallets, it is placed in opensea. Interested partners are welcome to leave polygon wallets. This NFT, together with a white pixel in that whiteboard, will also be given away. Space DAO is a platform for pixel art creation, so each … Read more

[ProEX Observation]Why is ProEX’s ios App not on the App Store?

Some iPhone users may wonder why ProEX’s ios app is not listed on the App Store. After all, apps that can be released after Apple’s review usually have improved security, so it is inevitable to be worrying. I hope this article can help users who once had the same doubts as me can solve their … Read more

After using Gentoo, I silently switched back to Arch Linux —— remember the idea of ​​using a rolling distribution – Ivon Huang (@qj985n2)

Where can I find a desktop Linux distribution that is highly customizable, has the latest software versions, and is solid to use. These three conditions can never be satisfied at once. In search of the ultimate in custom Linux systems, I switched from openSUSE Tumbleweed to Arch Linux four months ago, and then switched PCs … Read more

Cryptocurrency | My Dream NFT Call for Papers: DID and NFT, I want them all!

I haven’t written an article for about two weeks, it’s really like a lifetime, and it’s not because of the endless eczema hives hell. We can discuss this topic another day, and we should be able to write a long article. But today’s topic is not this, but “My Dream NFT”. No turning, straight to … Read more