Cryptocurrency | My Dream NFT Call for Papers: DID and NFT, I want them all!

I haven’t written an article for about two weeks, it’s really like a lifetime, and it’s not because of the endless eczema hives hell. We can discuss this topic another day, and we should be able to write a long article. But today’s topic is not this, but “My Dream NFT”. No turning, straight to … Read more

“Warner Brothers” launches NFT “The Lord of the Rings” limited edition 10,999 pieces.

recently Warner Brothers (WB) The large American media and entertainment conglomerate has made waves in the world of cinema. with preparations to be launched NFT From the classic fantasy movie “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” NFT will be released on October 21, 2022 at as part of the film … Read more

Sony PlayStation Bonus Points is officially launched in Asia! Currently mobile only – INSIDE

In July this year, Yahoo interviewed more than 300 Taiwanese advertisers, agencies and optimizers through online questionnaires, and completed the 2022 Programmatic Buying Survey. It was clear that the proportion of programmatic advertising spending continued to increase, and advertisers and Agents’ confidence in programmatic buying has been greatly improved, and they have made better use … Read more

PlayStation Star Rewards Program Launches in Asia Players Earn Points and Digital Collectibles But Digital Collectibles Are Not Planned As NFTs #SONY (183210)

The digital collectibles obtained through the PlayStation Star reward program are mainly used as collections and cannot be re-sold or transferred. At the same time, Sony also emphasized that this content is only for digital collections and is not planned to be used as NFT content. It also shows that no blockchain technology is used … Read more