Will Americans go bankrupt? Remember famous companies that went bankrupt in Brazil

A Americans, a famous chain of Brazilian retail stores, made headlines on the country’s main portals after the discovery of a BRL 43 billion shortfall. The hole is so big that, according to experts, it is unlikely to be reversed. Thus, the company must join other large companies that needed to leave the scene. Remember … Read more

Mercedes can park and unpark autonomously

Mercedes-Benz was the first manufacturer in the world to receive approval from the Federal Motor Transport Authority for a fully automated and driverless level 4 parking function. It will soon be available for certain variants of the S-Class and EQS that are pre-equipped with the Intelligent Park Pilot. For the time being, however, the new … Read more

Video of a car that disguised a brand to avoid trappings goes viral

Other measures that have been taken, according to the manager of Mobility and Public Policies of the Automobile Club of Chile, are covering the star of the Mercedes Benz or the rings of the Audi with tape. vehicle theft, already be closed or portonazosIt is an issue that concerns the public. For this reason, many … Read more

Apple Music announces Mercedes-Benz partnership! You can enjoy studio-grade high-quality “spatial audio” even while driving! | GQ Taiwan

Apple and Mercedes-Benz recently announced that they will be working together! In the future, Apple Music “spatial audio content” will be available on the MBUX infotainment system in several Mercedes-Benz models, allowing Mercedes-Benz drivers to enjoy studio-grade high-quality audio in the car, with a fully immersive experience. A great listening experience! Mercedes-Benz AG – Global … Read more