United States | “I can’t stop crying”: her daughter surprises her father by revealing that he secretly donated her kidney | Delayne Ivanowski | donation | World

Delayne Ivanowski kept a secret for eight months from her father who would be her kidney donor. Photo: composition LR/Delayne Ivanowski/Facebook the deep love that Delayne Ivanowski, a 25 year old girl missouri, United States, has towards his father, John Ivanowski, allowed to save his life, after he decided anonymously donate your kidney so that … Read more

“My father taught me medicine that I did not learn at the university in Madrid”

The A Estrada health center is hosting a very special visit today. This is Dr. Manuel Seco Fernández, who at 74 years old, and after 9 years of retirement, has decided on his own initiative to share his knowledge and experiences with the residents and students of the Estrada service. Thus, at 12:00, and arriving … Read more

Clara Chía’s father speaks after Shakira’s song | Gerard Pique | Photo | gerard pique | bizarre | youtube | show business

The padre of Clara Chia Marti He declared for the first time to the media and commented on his daughter’s condition after the song published by Shakira With Shaving The musical uproar caused by the Colombian issue still has several weeks left at the center of the controversy between the families of the characters involved. … Read more

They find the body of the father of the family group disappeared in the tidal waves of Pingueral | National

Around noon this Tuesday, and after intensifying the search operation, the body of the father of the family group was found dragged by the tidal waves in Pingueral last Friday. The Navy confirmed that the body of the father of the family group was found dragged by the sea current in Pingueral, Tomé commune, Bío … Read more

Father pretended to be his 12-year-old daughter: He met with a pedophile

Through social networks, the father’s strategy to find the subject who harassed the minor was discussed. Last Friday, January 6, a video went viral in which a man is observed being attacked by two Pitbull dogs. However, said subject was a pedophile who tried to trick a 12-year-old girl. The story became known in Reddit, … Read more

The ordeal of a father who, 189 days later, received the call of his son, an Argentine imprisoned in the suffocating “pot of Africa”

SUBSCRIBERS EXCLUSIVE Oscar told Clarín the other side of a story of despair: his son Nicolás Bossie was detained in a jail in the hottest place in Mali, where “he did not see the sun.” His passport expired in a country where that is a crime. Oscar says that he has no more tears to … Read more