OpenAI announces the arrival of GPT-4, its new artificial intelligence

The GPT language model moves to version 4. OpenAI announced the next generation of its AI, of which version 3.5 gave ChatGPT. It would be much more precise and nuanced, and multimodal. A new version which is however reserved for subscribers for the moment. OpenAI, the firm behind the famous chatbot ChatGPTChatGPT, has just announced … Read more

OpenAI Announces ChatGPT-4: See What Changes

A OpenAI announced this Tuesday, the 14th, the ChatGPT-4, the latest and most powerful version of its artificial intelligence language that powers applications such as ChatGPT and the new Bing, Microsoft’s search engine. During the presentation of the new chatbot, the company stated that it is “more creative and collaborative than ever” and that “it … Read more

ChatGPT now has a face and a voice!

The Israeli firm D-ID has just launched a new way to interact with ChatGPT. Thanks to the Alice avatar, it is now possible to ask questions and receive answers verbally. Chatbots, like ChatGPTChatGPT, are catching on with their ability to generate text and hold a conversation almost like a “real” person. However, until now, all … Read more

Is ChatGPT an “anthropological revolution”?

Since the “Cat” version of artificial intelligence (AI) GPT, capable of imitating human intellectual production, has been put online, the effervescence around these technologies has brought the notion of “anthropological revolution” back into the debates. However, what we observe, beyond ChatGPT, is that each new advance in so-called “disruptive” technologies is in fact part of … Read more

Chinese EV start-up firm Jidu plans to use Baidu’s Ernie bot on electric cars

Jidu AffiliatesBaiduandGeely Will use Baidu’s Apollo system To be a user coordinator in the car and technology to help drive where Jidu plans to use Apollo with the systemartificial intelligence (AI) Baidu’s ChatGPT-like Ernie bot. combination of such technologies It aims to improve the interaction between the user and the vehicle. The car models planned … Read more

ChatGPT or human? In search of the AI-generated text watermark

Hidden patterns purposely hidden in texts generated by artificial intelligence (AI) could help identify them, letting us know whether the words we are reading are written by a human or not. It is Watermarks are invisible to the human eye., but they get computers to detect that a text has been written by an AI … Read more