Successor to Ichiro: The Story of Ikuro Katsuragi and his Journey in Professional Baseball

2023-09-27 21:50:00 Ikuro Katsuragi was selected as the successor to Ichiro through the reverse nomination system. High expectations were placed on outfielder Ikuro Katsuragi (currently representative director of Katsuragi Co., Ltd. and coach at Hotoku Gakuen), who joined Orix in second place in the 1999 draft from Ritsumeikan University using the reverse selection system. At … Read more

Shintaro Fujinami’s Six Wins and Lightning-Fast Speed: Orioles vs. Rockies Game Recap

2023-08-26 01:28:00 His fastest speed was 161 km, his sixth win of the season, and his ERA was 7.60. ■ Orioles 5-4 Rockies (Japan time 26th, Baltimore) [Throwing video]The batter suddenly falls in front and has no way to make it… Excellent sharpness, Shintaro Fujinami’s magic ball Orioles pitcher Shintaro Fujinami won his sixth win … Read more

Finding Inspiration in the Blue Sky: Masanao Yoshida and Director Nakajima’s Memorable Words

2023-08-21 22:10:00 To Masanao Yoshida, words from Director Nakajima “That phrase is in my head” Red Sox outfielder Masanao Yoshida has a quote that sticks in his mind. “Look up at the blue sky—” When he left Orix, he was the “golden words” that Director Satoshi Nakajima had entrusted to him. “That phrase has stuck … Read more

Shohei Ohtani Receives Most Votes in League, 2nd to Achieve After Ichiro – Over 2.6 Million Votes

2023-06-22 23:10:00 More than 2.6 million votes, the most in the league, the second achievement after Ichiro On the 22nd (Japan time 23rd), Angels pitcher Shohei Otani was 2,646,307 in the American League designated hitter division as a result of the first vote by fans for the starting fielders of the All-Star game (July 11, … Read more

“Catcher Shortage: The Impact on Angels Pitcher Shohei Otani and the Search for a Solution”

2023-05-12 10:52:09 Stussy, O’Happy, Wallach and Injured Angels Catching Staff Angels pitcher Shohei Otani participated in the match against the Astros on the 9th (Japan time 10th) as “3rd pitcher and designated hitter” at the same time, and suffered the first loss of the season as a pitcher with 3 runs in 7 innings. It … Read more

Samurai Udagawa Yuki, life-changing “Izakaya night” “I wasn’t invited…” Persuaded by a disappointing friend | Full-Count

Two people who have been nominated for training “Go or not go” emergency meeting The “Ippai” that we exchanged at that time made a big step forward in my life. Orix’s outfielder Joichi Sano revealed the “secret story of training and joining the team” with pitcher Yuki Udagawa, who has been in sync since the … Read more