Major Fire Incident in Lurín: Updates, Safety Tips, and News Coverage

2023-12-17 12:21:13 The incident began at night on last Saturday, December 16. Photo: compositionLR/Paolo Zegarra/diffusion A code 3 fire is being recorded in a tire warehouse, in the Huertos de Villena Urbanization, in Lurín. Approximately 30 units of the Fire Department are at the scene trying to control this major incident. Neighbors have reported up … Read more

“Teen Arrested for Robbing Elderly Woman in Los Olivos District Due to Depression: Latest News and Updates”

2023-05-17 04:56:40 Lima Segundo Enoc Pachanasi indicated that he stole a wallet and that he did it “out of depression” for “a ‘skinny’ woman who has betrayed me.” Second Enoch Pachanasi18 years old, was arrested for robbing an elderly woman, whom he first physically assaulted and then snatched her wallet. After the victim’s cries for … Read more

Scam | The tale of the suitcase: this is how the criminal organization that defrauds more and more people operates | extortion | PNP | Colombia | MDGA | Society

PNP is on the trail of scammers who would operate from Colombia. Photo: ATV capture The delinquency in Peru, it always finds new ways to achieve its objectives and this time, through the story of “the false suitcase”, the Peruvian National Police (PNP) has managed to find the modus operandi of a criminal organization that … Read more

Marches in Lima: PNP launches tear gas bombs against protesters in San Martín square | Dina Boluarte | | Society

Gas shots are recorded against the protesters. Photo: AFP The National Police of Peru launched today, Thursday March 2, tear gas bombs against demonstrators in San Martín square after protests against the Government of Dina Boluarte. Protestants from different parts of Peru came to Lima to join the March to Lima and demand the closure … Read more

Madre de Dios: Police and the Army free the Interoceanic highway and the passage of food trucks resumes

A contingent of approximately one thousand troops from the National Police (PNP) and the Armed Forces (FFAA.) came to the district of Labyrinthlocated approximately 55 kilometers from Puerto Maldonado, Madre de Dios regionto unlock the interoceanic highway at that point on the road. Traffic was also opened in the areas of the Pampa y Santa … Read more

March in Lima: autopsy indicates that Victor Santisteban died of a skull fracture due to a “hard blunt force” | IsHealth | | Society

The 55-year-old citizen died on the night of this Saturday, January 28, during the demonstrations against the Government of Dina Boluarte, in downtown Lima. The autopsy certifying the death of Victor Santisteban Yacsavilca during the demonstrations this Saturday, January 28 against the government of In Boluarte and the Congressin it Lima fenceaffirms that the 55-year-old … Read more

This is how the mobilizations develop in Lima and regions

The director of the Economics course at the University of Lima, Peter Degrees Smithsaid today that the shutdowncaused by the road block and the protests against Government of Dina Boluarteis generating “negative consequences” for the agricultural sector (Agriculture and Livestock). In The Air Rotarythe economist mentioned that only the sector agriculture it represents 27% of … Read more

March in Lima LIVE: last minute of strike in regions, protests and blockades TODAY January 28 | Dina Boluarte | Blocked roads | Congress | LIVE | minute by minute | national strike | places blocked by unemployment | Society

Las marches in Lima continue today, Saturday January 28 in the capital and various regions of the country. Roadblocks and violent repressions persist, while In Boluarte remains in the presidency. Marches in Lima LIVE | Almost 10 days after the start of the marches in Lima and just under two months of nationwide protests, the … Read more