“President Boluarte Accuses Pedro Castillo of Responsibility for Violent Protests and Deaths – Latest News and Updates”

2023-05-13 20:47:45 The president In Boluarte accused Pedro Castillo of being responsible for the more than 60 deaths registered during the violent protests that occurred after the coup d’état on December 7, 2022. Boluarte spoke in this way during an activity in Manchay, where she was received by a group of opponents who held her … Read more

They seize a notebook with a record of money for daily payments to protesters | lime shot | jorge chavez airport | united states embassy | dina boluartes protests in peru | alberto otarola | early elections | RESEARCH

Police intelligence had already identified her as one of the cashiers at the violent mobilizations in Lima. This Tuesday, in the middle of a mob that tried to create chaos at the Jorge Chávez international airport in Callao, Yaneth Navarro Flores fell. Navarro had in his possession a notebook that -to the surprise of the … Read more

March in Lima: autopsy indicates that Victor Santisteban died of a skull fracture due to a “hard blunt force” | IsHealth | | Society

The 55-year-old citizen died on the night of this Saturday, January 28, during the demonstrations against the Government of Dina Boluarte, in downtown Lima. The autopsy certifying the death of Victor Santisteban Yacsavilca during the demonstrations this Saturday, January 28 against the government of In Boluarte and the Congressin it Lima fenceaffirms that the 55-year-old … Read more

March in Lima LIVE: last minute of strike in regions, protests and blockades TODAY January 28 | Dina Boluarte | Blocked roads | Congress | LIVE | minute by minute | national strike | places blocked by unemployment | Society

Las marches in Lima continue today, Saturday January 28 in the capital and various regions of the country. Roadblocks and violent repressions persist, while In Boluarte remains in the presidency. Marches in Lima LIVE | Almost 10 days after the start of the marches in Lima and just under two months of nationwide protests, the … Read more

Lucía Oxenford defends herself after being labeled ‘terruca’: “How easy it is to hide behind a keyboard” | Protests in Peru | Dina Boluarte | Twitter | Photo | show business

The actress Lucía Oxenford did not tolerate the strong qualifications they had against her and sent a forceful response to those who criticized her for defending the protesters. Strong and clear. Lucia Oxenford she did not remain silent after receiving dozens of messages on social networks in which they not only criticized her position in … Read more

Ammunition expert: “There have been no ‘Dum Dum’ bullets for 100 years” | Present

false version. A doctor in weapons and ammunition design, Sergio Casanave Quelopana, pointed out that this type of expansive projectile cannot have been manufactured by hand, as President Boluarte said. According to the official narrative, the fatal victims during the protests in Juliaca, Puno, were hit by “Dum Dum” projectiles, which they allegedly smuggled in … Read more