police deploy 10,000 agents in Lima to contain the marches

The deployment is aimed at safeguarding security in the center of Lima before the so-called “national strike” called for this Thursday afternoon by the General Confederation of Workers of Peru (CGTP). The National Police of Peru (PNP) deployed nearly 10,000 agents this Thursday in the historic center of Lima. It was there that the country’s … Read more

They seize a notebook with a record of money for daily payments to protesters | lime shot | jorge chavez airport | united states embassy | dina boluartes protests in peru | alberto otarola | early elections | RESEARCH

Police intelligence had already identified her as one of the cashiers at the violent mobilizations in Lima. This Tuesday, in the middle of a mob that tried to create chaos at the Jorge Chávez international airport in Callao, Yaneth Navarro Flores fell. Navarro had in his possession a notebook that -to the surprise of the … Read more

President Boluarte calls on Congress to approve early elections in Peru | International

The Peruvian Congress will vote for the second time whether or not to advance the elections, but Dina Boluarte said that if the proposal is rejected again, she will present a reform of the Constitution to hold the elections. The President of Peru, Dina Boluarte, warned that if he Congress does not approve this Monday … Read more

Peruvian government regrets that Congress did not support bringing forward general elections to October | International

“We urge the benches to put down their partisan and group interests and place the interests of Peru above”, in this way the Presidency of Peru regretted that Congress did not support bringing forward the country’s general elections and thus being able to face the political crisis And social. With a direct summons to Congress … Read more

Truckers give Dina Boluarte a 48-hour ultimatum: they warn of engine shutdown | Society

no respite for In Boluarte. Heavy load carriers in Arequipa They gave the central government a deadline to solve the crisis. They say that there are 3,000 stranded units. A group of heavy cargo carriers from the southern region gave a 48 hour ultimatum to the Government of In Boluarte to solve the political crisis. … Read more

Celac Summit: Gabriel Boric calls for the release of prisoners in Nicaragua and “change of course” in Peru ” in the face of “unacceptable” violence | Dina Boluarte | Pedro Castillo | Protests in Peru | Argentina | WORLD

The Chilean President, Gabriel Boricasked this Tuesday during his speech at the CELAC Summit the release of “opponents who are still unworthily detained” in Nicaragua and assured that Peru needs a “change of course” in the face of the “unacceptable” violence of the last month. “We cannot be indifferent when today in our sister nation … Read more