This is how we counted the tie between Valencia and Real Madrid in Mestalla | Soccer | Sports

Description of the controversy Seven minutes of stoppage time had already passed, when Real Madrid got a corner kick in their favor. Given this, Gil Manzano warned that he would only allow the corner and that he would then blow the final whistle. The Valencia defense cleared the ball, but the ball fell back into … Read more

Mallorca makes history against Real and will play in the Copa del Rey final | Soccer | Sports

PreviousLiveChronicle Penalties are cruel. Going to the shootout is the established way to unbalance an even tie, but there is always one team that ends up suffering and the other, in glory. This time it was Mallorca’s turn to rise to heaven and Real to burn in the hell of elimination. Javier Aguirre’s team made … Read more

Imanol, one step away from making history with Real Sociedad | Soccer | Sports

PreviousDirect Imanol Alguacil said goodbye at the press conference prior to the Cup semi-final against Mallorca (9:30 p.m.) with a trademark “Go for them!” Before, he had pointed out that he will ask the bus driver to take them along Avenida de Madrid, the straight line that leads to the Reale Arena and where the … Read more

Copa del Rey basketball: Real Madrid, a team made to win | Basketball | Sports

Although a few did jump off the bench when the final horn sounded, happy because they had won the Copa del Rey, there was not much commotion at Real Madrid, perhaps the circle they formed in the center of the pitch amidst cheers and jumping. Nothing excessive and without stridency, as if winning – and … Read more

Stopping Real Madrid in Vallecas | Soccer | Sports

PreviousDirect And despite everything, Rayo lives, he has a pulse. While the conversation revolves around the brief future of the dilapidated Vallecas field, the heart of the southern neighborhood of Madrid, strategically abandoned by the board, the team, which also seemed to fall apart in recent weeks under Francisco’s command, still has breath left. . … Read more

LaLiga: Merino gives Real Sociedad the victory in added time | Soccer | Sports

DirectChronicle Real won in Son Moix, a weight was lifted from their shoulders that was passed on to Mallorca, although in other qualifying circumstances, and they scored again after four consecutive games without doing so. 1 Predrag Rajkovic, Giovanni Gonzalez, Nastasic, Raillo, Valjent, Jaume Costa (Lato, 80 minutes), Dani (Darder, 80 minutes), Antonio Sanchez (Manu … Read more

Basketball: In the Cup, everyone against Real Madrid | Basketball | Sports

Musa goes to the basket against Nnaji in one of the duels between Madrid and Barça this season.SERGIO PEREZ (EFE) The orange ball bounces in Malaga. Waves of fans arrive at the AVE station, some with scarves and chants as a greeting, others dressed in cheerleaders ready to entertain and surprise, also children’s teams of … Read more