Improving Oral Health and Nutrition for the Elderly: A Comprehensive Approach for Healthy Aging

2023-10-15 23:00:00 We know that oral and dental pathologies, which are extremely widespread, affect more fragile people, particularly the elderly. Far from being limited to the oral sphere alone, these diseases can have serious nutritional consequences, contribute to the development of chronic diseases and lead to serious consequences on people’s self-esteem and social interactions. Thus, … Read more

Improving Heart Failure Detection: A Collaborative Care Pathway for Patients

2023-10-01 23:00:00 In the department, we estimate that more than one in two heart failure patients are unaware that they have this disease. To improve its detection and the care of our patients, the department’s CPTS worked to set up a care pathway with the participation of stakeholders: university hospitals, cardiologists and private doctors, advanced … Read more

something new to counteract the development of age-related cancers

2023-09-26 23:00:00 As we know, age remains one of the main risk factors for the development of numerous pathologies such as viral or bacterial infections, neurodegenerative diseases but also cancers. Nowadays, the notion of “ healthy aging » suggests that targeting aging rather than its consequences would probably be a much better idea for reducing … Read more

Stretching to relieve lower back pain and muscle strengthening to prevent it

2023-09-24 23:00:00 Stretching has a short-term pain-relieving (or hypoalgesic) effect. In fact, stretching causes an immediate reduction in sensitivity to pain. Thus, the effect of stretching is not curative, in that it does not treat the cause of the pain, but simply limits the feeling of it. A Canadian study published in the Scandinavian Journal … Read more

Reducing Sedentary Lifestyle: Importance, Risks, and Solutions for Improved Health

2023-09-20 01:00:00 Prolonged sedentary behaviors, which have become an increasingly prevalent lifestyle, can lead to decreased blood circulation, weight gain and impaired metabolism. Prolonged physical inactivity is therefore associated with an increased risk of general mortality. According to an opinion from ANSES, insufficient levels of physical activity and sedentary behavior High levels are associated with … Read more