Basheer’s works translated by Dr. Asher passed away

London: Linguist and multilingual Dr. Ronald E. Asher (96) passed away. He died in Edinburgh, Scotland. Asher, who came to India and studied Dravidian languages ​​like Malayalam and Tamil and conducted research, became famous in Malayalam through translation. Works like Vaikam Muhammad Basheer’s ‘Balyakalasakhi’, ‘Ntupupappakoranandgarnni’, ‘Pathumma’s Goat’ and Thakazhi Sivashankarapilla’s ‘Thoti’s Son’ have been translated … Read more

AI Code – AI websites for design

Safa Artificial intelligence is one of the advanced branches of computer science, through which computer systems and programs are developed, and the ability to extract and analyze data through advanced mathematics, in order to produce modern technical devices capable of understanding the human mind. When was artificial intelligence invented? The first substantial work in the … Read more