➤ There is currently a movie featured in this visual quiz today: could you figure out which one it is? | challenge | riddle | tests | Facebook | Viral | trends | Mexico | MX | MEXICO

Do your part to move forward as appropriate. in front you will have test visual compared only to the most complex ones, because you will see a composition of two young people and you will have to recognize which film is behind it. Pay attention to every detail in this graph and answer which Hollywood … Read more

Bring out your ‘Ultra Instinct’ today and find the three differences in Goku’s visual challenge | challenge | riddle | tests | Facebook | Viral | trends | Mexico | MX | MEXICO

Get ready. You don’t need to be a scholar to answer this visual challenge, also not a fan of Dragon Ball. What yes, you must have a unique visual patience to answer in this test what are the three differences between the two Goku. In fact, the vast majority of users can instantly see a … Read more

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Colombia: at least 13 students go to the hospital for consuming viagra during classes | NMR | WORLD

A case of collective poisoning was reported in a school in Cúcuta, Colombiaafter at least 13 students were rushed to the hospital after consuming viagra mixed with passion fruit juice during school hours. According to the school authorities San Bartolomeminors between 14 and 16 years old, who are in the ninth grade, complained of severe … Read more