Warner Bros. wants to turn its big video game franchises into ‘games as services’

2023-11-09 12:24:44 From Warner Bros. they have made it known that they want to convert their main video game franchises to games as services. In the framework of a conference with investors, Warner Bros. director David Zaslav noted that “Our focus is to transform our largest console and PC franchises, with a three or four … Read more

Remembering Matthew Perry: The Legacy of Chandler Bing from Friends

2023-10-29 01:33:23 Matthew Perrya 54-year-old actor who for a decade played the stressed and square, but funny Chandler Bing in the series Friends, died this Saturday at his home in Los Angeles, in the United States. This shocked the entertainment world, however, as of the closing of this note, the rest of the cast has … Read more

Mortal Kombat 1 Starting Squad Leaked, And There Are A Few Surprises…

2023-09-06 11:00:00 Mortal Kombat 1, which is released on September 19 -September 14 with the Premium Edition- and there were still some unknowns to be answered about the game, such as its initial template. However, the proximity to the debut has allowed some players to get a copy ahead of time, and with this, information … Read more

Barbie Movie 2023: Breaking Records and Reaching $1.2 Billion in Global Revenue

2023-08-17 00:33:37 A scene from the movie Barbie (2023). Barbie’s revenue has reached 1.2 billion US dollars globally. REPUBLIC.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Film Barbie has exceeded 537.5 million at box office US domestic market, overtaking Christopher Nolan’s 2008 superhero film, The Dark Knight. Directed fantasy comedy film Greta Gerwig it earned $536 million or Rp.8.2 trillion … Read more

Brief Transformer Fire at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank: No Damage or Injuries Reported

2023-06-30 22:08:19 A transformer fire at the Warner Bros. Studios lot early Friday afternoon briefly cast black smoke over the Burbank area. The fire was contained to the area of the transformer and knocked down a few minutes after it started. No studio buildings were damaged by flames, the fire department said. There were no … Read more

Will The Flash’s Box Office Decline Make It The Worst Superhero Movie of the Century?

2023-06-24 17:15:00 Here’s a short list of words and phrases you don’t want showing up in stories about your big, expensive superhero movie’s second week in theaters: “Catastrophic.” “More than 70 percent decline.” “Dismal.” And, of course, “Morbius-esque.” And yet, that’s exactly the fate facing The Flash this weekend, as Friday night box office numbers … Read more

story, trailer, post-credit scene and where to watch

2023-06-16 15:04:00 “The Flash” is one of the most anticipated films by superhero fans and DC Universe enthusiasts alike. If you’re still going to watch it, know that the film has aroused great curiosity and expectations regarding its story, cast and additional elements, such as the trailer and the post-credit scene. In this article, we’ll … Read more

“Hogwarts Legacy: The Fastest Growing Game of 2023, Earns over $1.3 Billion in Sales Revenue”

2023-05-20 17:13:56 Sales revenue Hogwarts Legacy increased to more $1.3 billion. This was announced to investors by the CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery David Zaslav. He also noted that Hogwarts Legacy is the fastest growing game of 2023 and an example of the company’s new philosophy to improve the quality of the content released. That … Read more