Will The Flash’s Box Office Decline Make It The Worst Superhero Movie of the Century?

2023-06-24 17:15:00 Here’s a short list of words and phrases you don’t want showing up in stories about your big, expensive superhero movie’s second week in theaters: “Catastrophic.” “More than 70 percent decline.” “Dismal.” And, of course, “Morbius-esque.” And yet, that’s exactly the fate facing The Flash this weekend, as Friday night box office numbers … Read more

Well, at least Mitch Winehouse is happy with the Amy biopic

Mitch Winehouse with a statue of his daughter, Amy WinehousePhoto: Dave Hogan (Getty Images) Does father know best? Mitch Winehouse’s critics would probably disagree. Production on Sam Taylor-Johnson’s new Amy Winehouse biopic, Back To Blackhas begun, and fans have taken issue with the images that have circulated so far. Yet Mitch—who, as both a parent … Read more

Indiana Jones 5 Rumors Dispelled by Director James Mangold

Helena (Phoebe Waller-Bridge) is at the center of a dumb Indy controversy.Image: Lucasfilm Before the trailer for Indiana Jones 5 was released, the world hardly knew anything about it. They knew who was in the cast and its release date, but until the trailer hit, 99.9% of the world didn’t even know the film’s title. … Read more

At the box office, Thanksgiving Weekend has never looked worse

Strange World Image: Disney Whether fighting, feasting, or frolicking, there’s one thing people weren’t doing over Thanksgiving: going to see Strange World. Since its debut on November 23, the film has risen in the ranks to one of Pixar’s biggest flops ever and could stand to lose $100 million at the box office. Strange World … Read more

Will Smith is on the run in the trailer for Apple’s Emancipation

Antoine Fuqua recently held a screening for his upcoming Apple TV+ film Emancipationwhich stars Will Smith as the real-life slave who famously posed for a photo published in Harper’s Weekly that showcased his horrifically scarred back (a crucial piece of compelling evidence for campaigns against slavery at the time), and everyone seems to have nothing … Read more

James Cameron Was Worried Avatar 2 Might Have Taken Too Long

That long awaited Avatar sequel is almost here.Image: Fox After a film grosses almost $3 billion at the global box officeyou have to imagine the studio behind it would want to cash in immediately. Get a sequel into theaters ASAP. Strike while the iron is hot. Avatar director James Cameron is not that kind of … Read more

An Uneven Sylvester Stallone Superhero Flick

Sylvester Stallone defeats a group of street toughs in Julius Avery’s Samaritan.Photo: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures When Sylvester Stallone returned to his iconic role of Philly boxing underdog Rocky Balboa seven years ago in director Ryan Coogler’s rousing, beautifully crafted reboot Creed, scoring a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination for his performance, it served as a reminder … Read more

Jesse Ventura welcomes Amber Midthunder to the Predator family

Amber Midthunder in PreyPhoto: Hulu If Twitter buzz is anything to go by, director Dan Trachtenberg’s Prey (available now on Hulu) is way bigger than anything currently playing in movie theaters. The movie is a Predator prequel, set in 1719, that follows a Comanche woman named Naru (Amber Midthunder) who wants to be a hunter … Read more