James Cameron Criticizes ‘Titan’ Submarine Expedition: Ignored Warnings and Tragic Consequences

2023-06-25 20:53:42 Canadian filmmaker James Cameron, director of the movie “Titanic” said that the expedition of the submarine “Titan”, in which five people died, was “too experimental” and remarked that “the warnings were ignored”. Cameron, who is also an engineer, marine explorer and member of the diving community, referred to the outcome of the submersible, … Read more

James Cameron Predicted Titanic Submersible’s Fate: Shocking Reveal in Deep-Sea Tragedy

2023-06-23 04:16:37 James Cameron, the director of 1997’s Titanicsaid in an interview on Thursday that he had correctly guessed the fate of the Titan submersible less than 24 hours after it disappeared on Sunday—then watched the “futile” search unfold, “hoping against hope that I was wrong.” Cameron, a prolific deep-sea explorer himself, explained to CNN’s … Read more

Learn with us about the most successful cinematic films in the world

2023-06-21 20:35:44 The most successful cinematic films in the world A list of the most successful films from Hollywood, which topped the box office and generated huge revenues worldwide, get to know them in this report. Avatar director James Cameron Evaluation 7.9/ 10 Type Fiction Cast Michelle Rodriguez, Zoe Saldana, Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Stephen … Read more

The incredible feat of James Cameron

He is now second only to Titanic ($2.194 billion), Avengers : Endgame ($2.799 billion) and Avatar ($2.923 billion). Which means that in the top 4 blockbusters having accumulated the biggest mountains of greenbacks, James Cameron has made three. Only the brothers Anthony and Joe Russo prevent him from occupying the entire podium on his own. … Read more

For the fourth week… Avatar continues to top the US box office (video)

For the fourth consecutive week, James Cameron’s “Avatar: The Way of Water” continued to lead the box office in North American cinemas last weekend, with revenues of nearly $45 million. According to the numbers of the specialized “Experience Relations” company, the science fiction film produced by the “20th Century” company has achieved a total of … Read more