Uniting for a Greener, Fairer, and More Feminist Region: Verdes Equo and Sumar Join Forces in the Senate

2023-06-19 08:03:49 The co-spokesperson for Verdes Equo Región de Murcia, Helena Vidal, will join the electoral list for the Senate for Murcia within the Sumar party. According to Vidal, “society has been asking us for unity for a long time, we were always willing to do so and now, finally, we will work together for … Read more

Helena Štefková-Hrušková’s Art Exhibition in Stadtbibliothek Hilden: A Cultural Exchange with Nové Město nad Metují

2023-06-09 15:17:00 Hilden · In the framework of the Städtepartnerschaft with the Czech Nové Město nad Metují, the artist Helena Štefková-Hrušková noch bis 28 July in the Stadtbibliothek Hilden aus. Lm ymqch xr Gc ktlkizmktceqay Nzbjsbdflaj tzvqfn Rkbzzjd hwbunlrajje, nr tey Cxgmjaqwdxqvvaki cft Zezrghywceys zyqn zpf zppbxvouuac nihqhprmrqi Ijhsmztawv asazaks. Los Vuhlz gvv jswizy, aicmrrcdf, … Read more

Helena Vidal will be the head of the list of the Más Región-Verdes Equo coalition

Helena Vidal will be the head of the list of the Más Región-Verdes Equo coalitionFrancisco Penaranda The co-spokesperson for Verdes-Equo Región de Murcia and regional deputy, Helena Vidal Brazales (Linares, Jaén, 1992), will be the head of the list of the Más Región-Verdes Equo coalition, which this Saturday presented its candidacy for the Regional Assembly … Read more

‘One time please everything’ see again: The…holiday

On March 1st, 2023 (Wednesday), 3sat showed the feature film “Einmal Bitte alles” by Helena Hufnagel on TV. You can find out here when and where the strip will be broadcast again, whether only digitally or also on classic television. The film “Once Please Everything” ran on television on Wednesday (03/01/2023).Did you miss Helena Hufnagel’s … Read more

Championship of Spain The Algecireña Helena Montejo, champion of Spain children with Andalusia

The women’s children’s Andalusian teamof which the player of the BM City of Algeciras Helena Montejoit was posted this sunday the gold medal in the Spanish Championship of combined regional that has been held during the week in the province of Alicante. The men’s youth block, with the players of algeciras Adrian Perez and Gonzalo … Read more

Helena Noguerra: “I love to dream of life”

Leaves rustle, the wind blows, without extinguishing the song of the birds which, soon, will give way to the buzzing of a fly. There, some piano notes. Graves. And then, we hear this: “It was in a village on the cliff, a village suspended above the waves, like time. A pirate, on sandy steps, wedding … Read more