A pod of whales hunted and killed by predatory sharks

The lifestyles of marine creatures are not only fascinating to researchers but also to everyone. There are people who look at their appearance and behavior with great interest. Now a group of researchers have found that orca whales hunt and kill sharks through observation. A pod of orca or killer whales has been found to … Read more

Florida: Alligator bites off man’s arm

Commemoration at Madison Square Garden Harry Styles pays tribute to the Queen at a concert in New York Knife attack in Ansbach Police shoot dead 30-year-old attacker Fan-Skandal in Nice Ugly, bloody scenes before Cologne’s European Cup game The world mourns England’s Queen Queen Elizabeth II is dead Fan-Skandal in Nice Ugly, bloody scenes before … Read more

10 powerful weapons of Yautja hunters from the Predators franchise.

for people who likeskinAlien hunters like Predators It should be seen that one of the funskinIt’s where these alien hunters It is a tribe of hunters equipped with powerful high-tech weapons. Each one looks amazing. And with each sector that comes out, we will always see new weapons. In this article, we will gather the … Read more

Jesse Ventura welcomes Amber Midthunder to the Predator family

Amber Midthunder in PreyPhoto: Hulu If Twitter buzz is anything to go by, director Dan Trachtenberg’s Prey (available now on Hulu) is way bigger than anything currently playing in movie theaters. The movie is a Predator prequel, set in 1719, that follows a Comanche woman named Naru (Amber Midthunder) who wants to be a hunter … Read more

“The Hunter” Releases New Poster Predator Against Sasha Aboriginal

“The Hunter” Sina Entertainment News Beijing time on August 2nd, according to foreign media reports, the new “Predator” movie “The Hunter” released a new poster, full of originality, and launched on Hulu on August 5th.   This is the PredatorseriesThe fifth film, and the first four filmsThe prequel, starring Amber Mindysand (“The Crowd”, “Through Fire and … Read more