Jesse Ventura welcomes Amber Midthunder to the Predator family

Amber Midthunder in PreyPhoto: Hulu If Twitter buzz is anything to go by, director Dan Trachtenberg’s Prey (available now on Hulu) is way bigger than anything currently playing in movie theaters. The movie is a Predator prequel, set in 1719, that follows a Comanche woman named Naru (Amber Midthunder) who wants to be a hunter … Read more

Action and environment – Arnold Schwarzenegger turns 75 – dpa

SHeavy muscles and action performances made him world famous. As “Terminator” (1984) he coined the legendary phrase “I’ll be back” (I’ll be back). The promise has Arnold Schwarzenegger complied with. Today, the native Austrian is not only fully involved as a Hollywood star, but also as an environmental activist and political advisor. This Saturday (July … Read more

Miriam Margolyes actress, Arnold Schwarzenegger deliberately blew into her face; Hollywood star with serious allegations! – Actress Miriam Margolyes says Arnold Schwarzenegger ‘farted in my face’ during filming; report

The actress has made a serious allegation against Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the leading Hollywood action stars. The actor’s divorce was last year. This serious allegation has been raised after that. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife was journalist Maria Shiver. Now actress Miriam Margolis has come forward with allegations against the actor. … Read more

Viral | This is what Edward Furlong, the boy who shone in “Terminator 2” alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, looks like today | Photos | nnda nnrt | CHEK

In 1991, “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” was released, a box office success that revolutionized the cine of science fiction and that launched a young Edward Furlong, who at that time was barely 14 years old, to fame. In the film, the actor played John Connor, the teenager who would eventually become the leader of The … Read more

Arnold Schwarzenegger gets reinforcements for spy series – dpa

Hollywood-Star Arnold Schwarzenegger (74) will receive support from numerous co-stars for his planned espionage series on the Netflix streaming service. Gabriel Luna (39, «Terminator: Dark Fate”), Travis Van Winkle (39, “Transformers”) and Jay Baruchel (40, “The Kindness of Strangers”), as the industry journals “” and “Variety” reported on Thursday. The project with the “Terminator” star … Read more

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s favorite exercise to work chest, back and even abs

If there is someone who knows about fitness, it is the Terminator himself, and if there is a favorite exercise for Arnold Schwarzenegger, Of course it will be for something. Throughout his career, the winner of Mr. Olympia has shared many tips for more effective workouts, gain more muscle mass, avoid errors, etc. But there … Read more