A touching scene brings together Sabah Al-Jazaery and her daughter Rasha Al-Taqi in “The Price”.

Actress Rasha Al-Taqi expressed her happiness with participating in the series “The Price”, as she described this experience as “interesting”, due to her presence with a “professional” team, as she put it. In the details, Rasha performed a “flashback” scene for the character of her mother, the Syrian actress Sabah Al-Jazaery, when she was young, … Read more

Watch.. Ronaldo appears with a new, expensive watch.. and its specifications and price are revealed

Al-Marsad newspaper: Pictures documented the appearance of Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, the Al-Nassr player, with a new, expensive watch. The new watch of Ronaldo is distinguished by its Saudi character, and it was designed from precious stones and bears the green color that is found in the flag of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The watch … Read more

A popular and inexpensive drink may lead to ‘longevity’ and reduce the risk of death by 82%

Al Marsad newspaper: Researchers show that green tea consumption may lead to ‘longevity’ and reduce the risk of death by up to 82% for some people. One study published in JAMA showed that individuals who consumed the highest amounts of green tea reduced their risk of cardiovascular disease by up to 82%. The results indicated … Read more

Discovery of a famous and cheap plant that lowers cholesterol, prevents cancer and helps in losing weight

Al Marsad Newspaper: Flaxseeds have been known since ancient times to the ancient Greeks and Pharaohs as one of the most important types of medicinal seeds with many benefits to the body. About the benefits of flaxseed: 1- Reduce the risk of heart disease: Modern science has proven the role of flaxseed in reducing the … Read more

Discovery of a famous and cheap “herb” that treats cancer and high blood pressure • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: The black seed has many health benefits, especially when taken on an empty stomach, according to “Web Medicine”. One of the most important benefits of the black seed 1. Losing excess weight Eating a teaspoon of black seed on an empty stomach and before bed may help you lose extra pounds in a … Read more

A nutritionist reveals cheap vegetables that protect against colorectal cancer

Al-Marsad newspaper: Dr. Antonina Starodubova, a Russian nutrition expert, announced that eating cruciferous vegetables and leafy greens helps prevent bowel cancer. And the chief nutrition expert at the Ministry of Health in Moscow says: “According to the results of recent studies, it became clear that eating vegetables and leafy vegetables such as cabbage of all … Read more