A specialist compares Toyota Yaris and Hyundai Accent 2023 • Al Marsad Newspaper

2023-07-10 11:44:46 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Abdul Rahman Al-Khalidi, who is interested in cars, documented a video clip in which he explained the difference between Toyota Yaris 2023 and Hyundai Accent 2023, both of which are at the same price, which is approximately 63,250 including tax. Toyota Yaris 1300 cc, 4-cylinder, 97 HP, automatic, front-wheel drive, LED … Read more

At noon, with intimate shots.. The star of the series “The Price”, Basil Khayyat, dances with his wife and the latter’s beauty, the audience’s talk (video)

2023-06-18 04:10:40 Syrian actor Basil Khayyat published a video via the “Al-Astori” feature on his Instagram account. A tailor, accompanied by his wife, Nahed Zaidan, appeared at an evening party in Dubai. The duo appeared in a romantic atmosphere, as they were dancing together and hugging each other. Followers drew Jamal Nahed, noting that they … Read more

“Discover the Skin Benefits of Sunflower Seeds: Expert Nutrition Tips for Anti-Aging and UV Protection”

2023-05-17 09:28:26 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Dr. Adam Sidi, co-supervisor of the Herb Docs TikTok account, who specializes in the fields of nutrition, herbal medicine and lifestyle, revealed “one of the superfoods that will save you time, money and skin care products and reduce the appearance of aging symptoms.” According to Dr. Adam, sunflower seeds will give … Read more

The return of the series “The Price” by Basil Khayyat.. Showing episode 52 today

2023-04-30 19:11:58 Today, the series “The Price” by star Basil Khayyat resumed, after stopping due to the month of Ramadan 2023. The reason for stopping the presentation of the price series The series, The Price, stopped showing during the month of Ramadan 2023, and returned today with episode 52, amid great anticipation and enthusiasm from … Read more

Basil Khayyat’s wife, commenting on his scenes with Razan Jamal in The Price: I’m used to it

Ms. Nahed Zaidan spoke about the role of her husband, Syrian actor Basil Khayyat, in the series “The Price”. And she said in an interview with her on the program et in Arabic: “Basil and I have been talking for a long time that he must play the role of love, because I see that … Read more

It stimulates insulin production..Discovering a common and cheap drink that lowers blood sugar levels

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The benefits of boiled cumin stem from the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of this drink. It is also anti-bacterial and a good disinfectant. It was also found to stimulate insulin production, which reduces blood sugar levels. Here are the most important benefits of boiled cumin: 1- Promoting stomach health Eating cumin boil helps … Read more

Elissa’s dance and the heroine of the series “The Price”, Razan Jamal, takes the lead

The Lebanese beauty expert, Bassam Fattouh, celebrated his birthday yesterday, in the presence of a large number of artists and media professionals. The most prominent of the attendees was the Lebanese singer Elissa, who performed her most beautiful songs and created a distinctive atmosphere. She also danced with great spontaneity and enthusiasm, while everyone applauded … Read more

A luxurious tourist resort in the US state of Utah in the midst of a desert resembling Al-Ula .. and revealing the daily room rate • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Exclusive translation: The British Daily Mail newspaper published pictures of the luxurious Amangiri Resort, which is located in the heart of Utah, in the western United States, and is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world since its opening in 2009. Similar to the nature of Saudi Arabia The nature of the luxury … Read more