The Ukraine War: Putin’s View on Western Failures and Russian Advances

2023-12-20 08:46:55 Foreign war in Ukraine Putin sees the West as having failed against Russia As of: 9:46 a.m. | Reading time: 4 minutes “As the winter approaches, the Russians are increasingly attacking critical infrastructure again.” The US government is making funds available for another military aid package for Ukraine this year. Russia correspondent Christoph … Read more

Putin’s Lavish Reception in Abu Dhabi and Riyadh Despite International Arrest Warrant

2023-12-07 09:21:53 Abroad despite an arrest warrant Putin was received so lavishly in Abu Dhabi and Riyadh As of: 10:21 a.m. | Reading time: 3 minutes Despite an arrest warrant – Putin was received so lavishly in Abu Dhabi and Riyadh Russian President Vladimir Putin has begun his trip to the United Arab Emirates and … Read more

Ukraine’s Winter Protection: Strengthening Air Defense & Energy Supply – Latest Updates

2023-10-02 10:31:38 At the start of the EU foreign ministers’ meeting in Kiev, Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock reiterated her call for a “winter protection umbrella” for Ukraine. This includes expanding air defense, supplying electricity generators and strengthening the overall energy supply. “We saw last winter how brutally the Russian president is waging this war … Read more

British Deployment to Ukraine: Latest Updates and Developments

2023-10-01 11:10:25 Great Britain’s Defense Secretary Grand Shapps has announced that British soldiers could also be deployed to Ukraine for the first time. In an interview with the newspaper „The Telegraph“ Shapps said he had spoken to army leadership about it. According to its own information, Great Britain has already trained more than 20,000 Ukrainian … Read more

Breaking News: Great Britain Considers Deploying Soldiers to Ukraine | Live Ticker Updates

2023-10-01 07:15:37 Live ticker advance from London Great Britain holds out the prospect of stationing its own soldiers in Ukraine As of: 9:15 a.m. | Reading time: 3 minutes Kyiv reports progress on counteroffensive Kiev reports again successes in the counteroffensive. However, Moscow correspondent Christoph Wanner does not think that a “significant breakthrough” has been … Read more

Russian Private Army Wagner Returns to Combat in Eastern Ukraine: Latest Updates and Developments

2023-09-27 12:58:57 According to information from Kiev, fighters from the Russian private army Wagner are active again in eastern Ukraine. These are Wagner men who were previously stationed in Belarus, the spokesman for the Ukrainian military’s Army Group East, Ilya Yevlash, told the media in Kiev on Wednesday. While some of the mercenaries went to … Read more

British Ministry of Defense Report: Deployment of Uncommitted Troops Decreases Likelihood of Russian Offensive in Ukraine

2023-09-27 08:16:50 According to British military experts, a Russian offensive in the war of aggression against Ukraine has currently become less likely due to the deployment of previously uncommitted troops. This emerges from the daily intelligence report from the Ministry of Defense in London on Wednesday. Accordingly, Moscow probably deployed parts of its newly founded … Read more

Russian Troops’ Lack of Rotation: Live Ticker Updates and Analysis

2023-09-21 08:03:09 Live ticker British secret service Russian troops apparently suffer from a lack of rotation As of: 10:03 a.m. | Reading time: 5 minutes “Germany has become one of the most important guarantors of peace and security” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj has spoken out in favor of a permanent seat for Germany on the … Read more