Gao Jiayu who was scolded as “Begoge” apologized and Zhou Yuko refused to let go: Get out!Who eats your set | Politics | Newtalk News

The Tsai government recently announced a general cash payment of 6,000 yuan for all. DPP legislator Gao Jiayu criticized against the wind that “excessive tax collection is an administrative failure”. Senior media person Zhou Yukou scolded “Begogo”. Gao Jiayu used it for herself today (7) Inaccurate words make people angry, triple apology. But Zhou Yukou … Read more

Accusing Zhou Yukou of falsely accusing “Jiang Xiaoyan’s gossip heroine” former middle sister Zhang Shujuan first appeared in Beijing Inspection

Zhang Shujuan (photo by Chen Zhixian) Zhang Shujuan (photo by Chen Zhixian) Accusing Zhou Yukou of falsely accusing “Jiang Xiaoyan’s scandal heroine” former middle-sister Zhang Shujuan for the first time in Beijing Famous mouthpieces Zhou Yukou and Cai Yuzhen broke the news during the Taipei mayoral election that former Miss Republic of China champion Zhang … Read more

Wu Yinong does not put up a billboard to run for the election, causing the green camp to worry. Zhou Yukou said that he may be afraid of people saying, “Has good looks but no brains?” | Politics | Newtalk News

Wu Yinong, who will represent the Democratic Progressive Party in the legislative by-election, went to Wang Shijian’s service office on Changchun Road in the afternoon to investigate and set up the campaign headquarters.Photo: Zhang Liangyi/photo The by-election for the legislators of Taipei’s third constituency (Zhongshan, Beisongshan) will be held on January 8. The Democratic Progressive … Read more

Just finished scolding high-end and now fly to Japan!Zhou Yukou posted 2 articles in a row and shouted excitedly: Sweet happiness | Politics | Newtalk News

Senior media person Zhou Yukou.Photo: Flip from Zhou Yukou’s Facebook Senior media person Zhou Yukoo said dissatisfiedly on the program “News Firecrackers” on the 13th that he had to pay 3,500 yuan for a PCR test to go to Japan for high-end, and cursed, “I’ve become a poor family by playing high-end, so do you … Read more

Guan Renjian’s Viewpoint” Did Jiang Wanan see a ghost when he was in kindergarten? | Politics | Newtalk News

Where the evidence is, where the case is lost. I advise all politicians who want to run for election in Taiwan in the future, regardless of blue, green, yellow, white and red, and be sure to keep in mind the advice of Xiaogoro on the keyboard. Because it is so important, I have to say … Read more

Zhou Yukoo’s turmoil green high-level: Tsai Ing-wen’s satisfaction has not fallen, and then he will fight “anti-China Taiwan” | Politics

Regarding the famous Zhou Yukou’s two waves of chasing and attacking Legislator Jiang Wanan’s father’s old “rolling in bed”, the DPP executives confessed to the media today (5) that they interfered with Chen Shizhong’s election; Polls show that President Tsai Ing-wen’s satisfaction and the DPP’s support have not been affected. Next, the president will raise … Read more