Tai Lam Tunnel Traffic Accident: Fatal Crash and Investigation Updates

2023-08-21 20:31:58

Tai Lam Tunnel Traffic Accident

Tai Lam Tunnel Traffic Accident

Fatal crash in Tai Lam Tunnel. After the two private cars collided, one of the drivers was suspected of being hit by a heavy truck when he got out of the car for inspection, and died of serious injuries. The 32-year-old truck driver was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving causing death.

The incident happened at 6:30 yesterday morning. The black BMW car was driving along the Tai Lam Tunnel towards Kowloon. When it was suspected of changing lanes, it missed the brakes and collided with the white electric car TESLA ahead. According to reports, the two cars continued to drive until they stopped at a shelter. The 53-year-old BMW RV driver surnamed Zhou and the 36-year-old male TESLA driver got out of the car to inspect the damage before discussing follow-up arrangements. During this period, a heavy truck drove along the middle line of the Tai Lam Tunnel. After being hit, the driver surnamed Zhou flew a 10-meter lying down express, severely injured and sent to the hospital; his mobile phone, watch, car keys and sneakers were scattered around. Affected by the accident, the entire Tai Lam Tunnel towards Kowloon was closed for a time, and the tunnel had to implement single-tube, two-way traffic.

After the accident, the front of the BMW was damaged and some parts came loose, and the left side of the TESLA was scratched. The police arrived at the scene to investigate the circumstances of the accident. After the accident, the heavy truck stopped in the left lane. The driver of the truck, surnamed Zeng, was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving causing death. The special investigation team of the New Territories South Regional Traffic Department is following up the case and appeals to anyone who witnessed the accident or has information to provide to contact the investigators at 36611330 or 36611348.

Li Yaopei: Find a safe place and wait for the police to arrive

Li Yaopei, president of the Automobile Association, said in an interview that if a driver encounters a traffic accident or a broken car on the middle line or express line of an expressway or a busy road section, “First of all, you must calm down. After that, you must turn on the left light and keep to the left side of the road. It is best for pedestrians.” safe places such as roads, avoidances, shoulders, etc., and it is best to get off the car on the left.

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If you fail to park on the left or feel that you cannot get out of the car safely, Li Yaopei suggested that you should keep turning on the “dead lights” and continue to wear seat belts, so as not to be injured or even fly out of the car when you are hit by a car behind you, and you should call the police as soon as possible. Traffic police officers arrived to assist. But he bluntly said that it is not the safest to wait in the car. You should drive to a safe location as much as possible, and then get off the car under safe conditions to find a safe location and wait for the police to arrive.

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