Severe Flooding in California: Unprecedented Damage Caused by Tropical Storm Hilary

2023-08-22 01:54:00

California received its first tropical storm warning this weekend for Tropical Storm Hilary moving north into the Desert Southwest. Learn about the damage that was caused in this unprecedented event.

Tropical Storm Hilary caused severe flooding in the arid Desert Southwest, in the state of California. Claire Mcallister Meteored United States 21/08/2023 21:54 5 min

He Hurricane Hillary was a Category 4 hurricane. over the Pacific Ocean. It moved through Baja California and crossed the border with the United States. Before arriving in the North American country, Hilary was downgraded to a tropical storm.. This does not mean that he was not powerful.

California is not used to so much rain

Tropical Storm Hilary dumped record rainfall on parts of California. He Los Angeles National Weather Service list more than 150 mm of rain in some areas of the state.

This is extremely impressive since Los Angeles normally receives about 350mm of rain in an entire year. This event brought nearly half of the city’s entire year’s rainfall.

The state does not receive much precipitation. In fact, parts of the state are currently in a moderate drought. This is the same for many of the surrounding states, including Utah, Nevada y Arizona. All of these states received heavy rain from this storm.

The ground was so dry, it was unable to absorb any substantial amount of rain. This is part of the reason the flooding has been so severe after Hillary.

Floods are extremely dangerous and can be life threatening. Extreme floods like this could easily drag him underwater with his power.. This amount of water can also cause landslides and dangerous road conditions.

The wake of Tropical Storm Hilary

Many California residents find themselves without power, their homes flooded, and nowhere to go. Hilary brought very strong winds along your way, downing many power lines and leaving thousands of people without power.

Fortunately, the power companies were prepared for this event, so power has already been restored to many areas.

Heavy rains covered the roads, making many of them impassable. The storm hit Mexico first as a category 1 hurricane. This was devastating for Baja California.

A storm of this magnitude hadn’t hit the West Coast in a long time. In fact, this was the first time California was in a tropical storm warning from the National Metereological Service.

The remnants of the storm move north

The National Weather Service warns that Hilary’s remains will continue to travel north toward Idaho and Oregon. These areas are under a flash flood and heavy rain warning..

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